‘Putin’s chef’ was humiliated by his own side after bragging about Wagner’s victory

Distributed by Concord Press Service/Reuters

Distributed by Concord Press Service/Reuters

of Kremlin It seems that they are finally trying to take Wagner boss Evgeny Prigogine This businessman has gone down a notch after months of using a band of mercenaries and ex-convicts to steal the spotlight in Russia’s war on Ukraine.

The simmering feud between Prigozhin’s outfit and the regular Russian military leaked open Wednesday as the Russian Defense Ministry officially denied claims by “Putin’s chef” about Wagner’s victory in Ukraine’s Donetsk region.

In an announcement late Tuesday, Prigogine was delighted claimed His men controlled a salt-mining town that the Russian army hoped would use as a stepping stone to take control of the much-coveted city of Bakhmut.

“Wagner’s forces controlled all the territory of Soledal,” Prigogine said at a press conference. “I would like to stress that no unit other than Wagner’s fighters took part in the attack on Soleder,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian authorities rejected Prigogine claims that the fighting is still ongoing in town, and that the selfies posted by Wagner’s bosses, presumably from Soleder, weren’t even on Soleder.

Russia’s Defense Ministry shattered Prigozhin’s boasts that his men single-handedly led Putin to victory, instead confirming Ukraine’s announcement that fighting was still ongoing in the town.

Moreover, defense personnel was suggested Russian paratroopers and strike teams are leading the charge. The Ministry of Defense makes no mention of Wagner.

This rejection comes when admiration for Prigogine’s costume sparked a frenzied frenzy among pro-Kremlin figures, and a notorious group of mercenaries threatened to outshine Putin’s regular soldiers on the battlefield.

Wagner boss thinks military brass is trying to get him

“Why is Wagner more successful than the Russian army?” pro-Kremlin political analyst Sergei Markov wrote to Telegram early Wednesday.

He personally praised Prigogine, calling him “extremely creative” and “workaholic” who “comes up with bright and novel solutions”.

“Prigogine’s criminal record is now a plus because world politics is criminalized,” he said, calling Prigogine and Wagner “national treasures.”

Speculation about Prigogine’s potential vying for public office in the Russian government has grown in recent months, heating up his Wagner PR campaign.

Despite his clashes with senior defense and government officials, the Kremlin has largely allowed him to do as he pleases.

Putin’s controversial appointment of the new ground forces commander on Tuesday was done “as a mockery of Prigozhin,” a source close to the Russian General Staff told the outlet. iStories.

Prigozhin and his fellow hardline Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov publicly blamed Colonel Alexander Lapin for his failure on the battlefield.

Lapin’s return is ‘the answer’, sources say [to Prigozhin] In keeping with the policy of “we don’t leave ourselves behind either”. ”

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