Putin’s coup is underway and “it’s impossible to stop,” says Ukrainian military intelligence director.


Russian President Vladimir Putin leaves Red Square after a Victory Day military parade in central Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will leave Red Square after a military parade on Victory Day in central Moscow on May 9, 2022.KIRILLKUDRY AVTSEV / AFP via Getty Images

  • A coup is underway to defeat Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Ukrainian military intelligence director.

  • The coup is “impossible to stop,” Maj. Gen. Kirilo Budanov told Sky News.

  • Russian leaders are in “very bad psychological and physical condition,” Budanov said.

A coup to defeat Russian President Vladimir Putin is underway and cannot be stopped, according to Ukrainian military intelligence director.

Talk to Sky news, Maj. Gen. Kiriro Budanov He said the defeat of Russian troops would result in Putin’s dismissal and the final collapse of the country.

“It will ultimately lead to a change in the leadership of the Russian Federation,” Sky News said. “This process has already started.”

Budanov said “yes” when Sky News international affairs editor Dominic Waghorn was pressured to mean that a coup attempt was currently underway.

“They are working this way and it’s impossible to stop it,” he added.

Insider reported earlier Although all the complaints that traditionally motivate coups in Russia are in place, Putin has spent decades trying to “prevent coups” in his administration.

Insiders reported that poor military power, morale and economic downturns made him more likely to be a coup against a Russian dictator, but the presence of the FSB, FSO, and Los Guvardia protects him. Useful for.

In an exclusive Sky News interview, Putin claimed that Putin was “in a very bad psychological and physical condition and he was very ill.”

Continue Report Russia’s oligarch, which has no name closely related to the Kremlin, was recorded as Putin “very ill with blood cancer.”

was Massive speculation Whether Russian leaders are sick. Video footage Appearing in late April, Putin was shaking “out of control”, suggesting a possible Parkinson’s disease.

Commentators also point out him Abnormally puffy face As a sign of steroid use, and the possibility of illness, and Use of blankets for heat insulation During the military parade on Victory Day in Russia last week.

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