Putin’s henchmen go crazy over Ukraine getting tanks



After Germany agreed to hand over its Leopard 2 tanks to Russia, it didn’t take long for Russian officials to start foaming at their mouths and ranting about global conspiracies. Ukraine on Wednesday.

After weeks of resistance, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that he, along with his allies, would provide Ukraine with 88 tanks, effectively giving Kyiv more firepower to launch a new offensive. The Biden administration was also expected to announce a deal to send 30 of his M1 Abrams tanks to the country.

The Russian embassy in Berlin was the first to go through the gates after the news broke. It is a timeless and terrible crime of Nazism,” Russian Ambassador Sergei Nechaev said. Said in a statement.

The statement went on to say that tanks would put an end to “post-war rapprochement between Russia and Germany” and “take the conflict to a new level of confrontation.”

Kremlin mouthpiece Margarita Simoyan, editor-in-chief of RT, joined the Russian diplomats in offering a far-fetched Nazi comparison.

“After flogging by Washington, Germany sends 14 tanks to Ukraine. Summer is approaching, delivery of gas chambers expected,” Simoyan tweeted.

Television propagandist Vladimir Solovyov called European leaders “Nazi comebacks” and argued that the transfer of Leopard tanks to Ukraine would make all of Germany a “legitimate” military target for Russia.

He argued that Germany had “forgotten its historical sins” and had to pay the price.

Sergei Aksyonov, head of the Kremlin in the occupied Crimea, one of the areas Ukrainian authorities may use to recapture tanks, said in Telegram a schematic of a German Leopard 2A4 tank. I published what you said.

A swarm of tanks is just the beginning of Putin’s new nightmare

“I’m sure anyone can find more detailed information on the vulnerability of this…on their own. The command will do everything it takes to destroy the offspring of the fascist ‘Tiger’ and ‘Panther’. Offer to fighters. [tanks used in WWII]”Akshonov I have written.

Pro-Kremlin pundits unanimously bonded themselves (and smashed their heads) in an attempt to prove a global Nazi conspiracy.

“Tank conspiracy. 14 Challenger tanks will be supplied from the UK to the Ukrainian army. It was also announced that Germany will supply the Ukrainian army with 14 Leopard tanks. This is what they have The secret number of the species, 14? Yes. 14 is the fascist secret number,” writes political analyst Sergey Markov, and 14 was used decades ago by American neo-Nazi David Lane. He pointed out that it was the “number of words” in the two slogans.

“So the numbers of Challenger and Leopard tanks are secret messages from the British and German governments: ‘We know these tanks are for the Nazis,'” Markov said.

He did not explain how his “14” theory holds up, considering that several other countries are sending completely different numbers of tanks.

Is 30, the number of Abrams tanks reportedly supplied by the US, also a fascist “secret” number? He denounced the alleged transaction as ‘ridiculous’ and is bound to fail.

“This is a truly disastrous plan and, most importantly, a clear overestimate of the potential it poses to the Ukrainian armed forces,” spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, according to Russian news agency Interfax. is.

Abrams’ tank “will burn like all other tanks,” he said.

Despite Peskov’s frenzy, some pro-Kremlin military bloggers seemed fully aware that tanks could give the Ukrainian army a new competitive edge on the battlefield.

“The ice is breaking and NATO tanks are heading to Ukraine. One pro-war telegram channel wrote:

Wagner’s Released Prisoners Return Home, Prompting Russians To Keep Their Children Indoors

Other public figures seemed to suggest that the decision to send tanks only meant that the world wasn’t afraid of Russia enough.

“Russia’s impotence in the field of foreign policy must be compensated for by military success, or the threat of military success, or just a threat,” argued state television host Sergey Mardan.

“So why not arrange a random visit to Estonia for a Russian tank squadron, or a guided-missile cruiser from the Gulf of Riga? Or a random flight for Kalibr? [cruise missiles] All over Poland? Then you don’t even have to apologize. No one needs our apologies. We need to understand local fears and that Russia is inevitably closer and stronger than ever. ”

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