Putin’s henchmen threaten ‘tens of thousands’ of dead US troops

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty

Patriarch KirillThe head of the Russian Orthodox Church delivered a sermon in Moscow this week to commemorate the Orthodox Epiphany. He spoke to those who wantedbeat russiaHe used this opportunity to threaten Western powers.

Russian top propaganda, From former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev To State television host Vladimir Solovyovwhich broadly disseminates equally not-so-subtle nuclear threats, Putin’s mouthpieces say the “boy who cried wolf” routine is no longer taken seriously by its target audience in the West. I’m concerned. A dilemma that appeared during the live broadcast of The Evening With Vladimir SolovyovAfter a line-up of Talking Heads who repeatedly said that Russia’s defeat would mean the end of the world, their agitprop was suddenly deflated by Evgeny Satanovsky, director of the Middle East Institute.

“First of all, our main enemy is undoubtedly the United States. What will the United States react to? What we do know, based on the wars in Vietnam and South Korea, is that tens of thousands of annihilated American servicemen are going to strain American public opinion seriously. It’s tens of thousands, not thousands like Afghanistan or Iraq, and it doesn’t matter who liquidates them, where they liquidate, or how they liquidate them, but this is a testament to American leadership. It’s one of the purposes if we want to make an impact, we have nothing to lose.”

Margarita Simoyan, head of RT, describes the atmosphere in the country: All possible courses of events except: First of all, they do not stop.I’m not talking about Ukraine or Zelensky [She is talking about the West]…they keep raising the stakes to the point of pain for us. The territorial security of the Russian Federation, as well as the newly added territories, will be in question. I have no doubt that they will do everything they can so that the security of Moscow will have to be worried, or at least taken seriously … This will certainly happen!”

Putin’s Secret Attack Plan Will Become Ukraine’s Nightmare

Simoyan concludes: She argued that Western countries’ failure to agree to a series of demands put forward by Russian President Vladimir Putin in December 2021 led to the invasion of Ukraine. Simonyan told her friends after Putin’s ultimatum was made public, she said. By the end of winter, something very big is about to happen! “

This time, she argued, the West’s refusal to withdraw its support for Ukraine would lead to even greater consequences. that? Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin said it! The head of RT concludes: Going all-in! It’s like two planes flying head-on at each other. Someone has to back down and something tells us it’s not us. “

Following Simonyan’s accusations, Andrei Kartaporov, chairman of the Russian State Duma’s Defense Committee, boasted of the power of his homeland’s nuclear weapons and that Russia had defeated the Western powers in World War II by NATO. became “afraid of World War III”. Kartapolov addressed the West in lines from old Soviet films, resorting to grotesque threats. We just slice once and you are in heaven… wherever the Russian soldiers stop, our victory will happen.

Not everyone in the studio agreed with the idea that only bringing the planet to the brink of nuclear catastrophe would solve the Russian quagmire in Ukraine. He argued that the art of diplomacy should not be reduced to its dire state. He advocated asymmetrical measures to achieve Russia’s goals. and called out to soften the blow. we can afford to do that. ” Mikheev whispered back: “We are not even journalists.”

Similarly, American Dmitry Drobnitsky ridiculed Simoyan’s idea of ​​a “head-to-head” confrontation with nuclear threats, saying that this strategy would repel current Russian sympathizers like India and China. claimed.

Even Satanovsky scoffed at the simplistic thinking behind Simonyan’s story, telling her: don’t believe it He argued that his idea of ​​killing thousands of U.S. troops to avoid destroying all of America was far more viable. I didn’t object. Drobnitsky had one exception: he.

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