Putin’s lie airs the Kremlin’s television and fights during the broadcast




in the meantime Russia The army is slowly advancing eastern Ukraine, and how far questions are looming President Vladimir Putin We are planning an invasion of Ukraine.Putin at a recent press conference Claim “I have set the overall goal of liberating Donbus, protecting the people and creating conditions that guarantee the security of Russia itself. That is all.” His deliberately vague reaction was It implied that Russian attacks in other parts of Ukraine were intended to “distract” Ukrainian leaders.

Some military experts are convinced that fierce Ukrainian resistance may not be overcome as long as it continues to be supported by ongoing Western support.Appeared on a national television program Evening with Vladimir Solobyov Last Friday, Andrey Grulyov, Deputy Commander of the House of Representatives and former Deputy Commander of the Southern Military District of Russia, emphasized that the West would continue to supply Ukraine with all possible weapons of all kinds. He proposed recreating the Cuban Missile Crisis, but this time using hypersonic weapons to finally reach the detente with the United States, he said: The flight time is less than 5 minutes. “

Grulyov frankly Admitted: “It’s the only scenario in which we can denazify and demilitarize Ukraine. Only a direct threat to the United States and the United Kingdom … will drive them all to the negotiating table … this is Everything is part of a larger plan to carry out World War III, not just a special operation. We are World War II. “He positioned the Nuclear Blackmail as a golden ticket to Russia,” “Seriously think about a plan for how to reach the next crisis, which will be the ticket to the future, painlessly,” urged national leaders.

Host Vladimir Solobyov said, “Thanks to the idiots of NATO countries, the world can anticipate hunger and great war.” His constant efforts to thwart foreign support for Ukraine through the threat of a nuclear attack on Western nations are highly overrated, and even his fellow proponents routinely close their eyes. It’s rolling. Solovyov, Reportedly Purchasing military equipment on its own to support Russia’s war with Ukraine is now advocating the complete destruction of the country’s critical infrastructure. The threat of his play is hollow, but at the same time they are raising expectations.

You never think that lie Putin came up with now

Kremlin childish on Monday Decline Congratulate the United States on Independence Day. Military expert Alexei Leonkov will appear at the Solobyov show on July 4, and Russia should declare the United States and its allies “state sponsors of terrorism” for helping Ukraine stop Russia’s invasion. I suggested that. Organizers enthusiastically agreed and threatened that Russia began shooting down American satellites, which would lead to a direct conflict with the United States. “I don’t know why they didn’t declare them terrorists,” Solovyov added.

Most of the world wants a swift end to Russia’s brutal war against its neighbors, but Kremlin pet proponents argue that slaughtering must continue and expand. On Sunday night’s broadcast of Solobyov’s show, one of the program’s regular guests, Yaakov Kedmi, also known as Israeli former politician and diplomat Yasha Kazakov, Russia occupied Ukraine as a whole. Insisted that it must be.

“If the outcome of this operation is as close as possible to the expectations of the Russian people, it will be a victory. If they are far from it, it will constitute a defeat.” We are Donetsk and the People’s Republic of Lugansk. A semantic somersault that claims to have set the liberation and security of ourselves as our goal would be useless. It will be considered defeated by the Russian people. It doesn’t matter what created the expectations for the goal. That’s what they’ve been waiting for, whether it was wise or not, “he said. “If they have such expectations, a deviation from the complete and final victory over Ukraine will be considered a loss and will have consequences for Russia.”

Taking the remarks of former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Kedomi said: What is the basis for this support? The unwavering confidence of the Russian people that he will ensure a complete victory. God forbids this trust to be broken or damaged in any way … people do not accept it and forgive nothing but a complete victory. Based on the history of Russia, I would like to recall the reaction of people when the government did not live up to expectations.With the same power they supported [the government]They trample it on the soil … other than Novorossiya [a proposed confederation of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic] The left bank of Ukraine will be catastrophic. It’s not just a defeat, it’s a catastrophe. “

Solovyov jumped in: “In that case, let’s be more frank. In fact, the goal was set in December 2021. The goal is not limited to Ukraine, but NATO’s infrastructure in 1997. We are demanding a return to the year-1998 boundary. “Kedomi agreed. “That was another mistake of Kissinger. As I said before, everything that is happening in Ukraine is the Lord, the main conflict that determines the fate of the whole world, the fate of the United States, and the fate of Russia. This big battle develops based on the result of actions in Ukraine. Russia has no right to lose this big battle, or the battle in Ukraine, because defeat is like death. “.” Solobyov concluded that “defeat is death.”

The next guest, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, seemed upset about Kedomi’s comments, which may indicate that the Kremlin actually settled in a more modest end in Ukraine.

She told him not to “fantasize” the wishes of the Russian people, but to talk to the Israeli government and leadership about the evil of the “Kiev administration”. She argued that there was a “perfect match” between the national government and the average Russian in terms of their goals in Ukraine.

The Harova’s Wrath Tyrade sought to hide the fact that even the top proponents seemed unable to understand the Kremlin’s ultimate purpose.Latest polls by Russian Public Opinion Center VCIOM show 38% of Russians believe that the purpose is to disarm Ukraine, 20% believe that it is aimed at protecting Donbus, and believe in Putin’s suspicious allegations of “blame”. Only 19%, and 8% believe that Russia’s intention is to occupy everything. Absorb it in Ukraine and in Russia.

Instead of supporting the Putin administration, the wrath of anger by state media propagandists only highlights the meaninglessness of the conflict, which even Russia’s own population is struggling to grasp. The cartoon promise to take over the world cannot mask the fact that Russia’s economy is in the abyss. The interests of the territory cannot justify intolerable human suffering.

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