Putin’s own soldiers refuse to fight in Ukraine

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Getty

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Getty

Russian President Vladimir Putin currently has two options, said Ukrainian diplomat Alexander Scherba.

Putin may not be aware of it, but “everyone outside this very close circle around Putin understands that this campaign is declining,” Scherba said. Add to the episode New Abnormal.. ” [Ukrainian] Soldiers are ready to fight to the last drop here, and Russian soldiers are becoming increasingly ignorant of what they are doing here. “

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They are not only ignorant, they simply refuse to fight, Scherba, now in western Ukraine, told co-host Molly-Jong-Fast. He shared that he refused to deploy when he discovered that Crimean soldiers were ordered to take Odessa, and interception of communications between Ukrainian city soldiers and their parents was that they It shows that they are surprised at how many of them have died.

But we still have to “assume the worst”, “he said, commenting on one of the things Ukraine needs from the United States to win.

Putin’s delusions, isolation, and trying to bluff his path

Even in a podcast NationErie Mystal begs Joe Biden to say the word “abortion,” explaining that sending a federal doctor to Texas is enough to save the state from their sexual intercourse.

And Molly and co-host Andy Levy discuss whether Tucker Carlson can feel embarrassed, and when it comes to Tulsi Gabbard, Molly actually defends Mitt Romney.

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