Putin’s Russia is now virtually defenseless


Members of the

Members of the “Russian Volunteers” and “Russian Freedom Corps” meet with media near the Ukrainian-Russian border in the Kharkov district in northeastern Ukraine.

One of the main reasons for President Vladimir Putin’s so-called “home policy” is “Special Military Operations” in Ukraine It was to protect Mother Russia’s borders. According to the Russian president’s distorted worldview, the country is endangered by NATO’s insatiable desire to expand its influence into areas that the Russian government has historically deemed to belong to its sphere of influence. It is said that

In this context, Ukraine was seen as particularly problematic because pro-Western governments openly support their desire to join NATO and the European Union. Furious that a democratically elected government should pursue its own political destiny, Putin sought to overthrow the Ukrainian government and install a pro-Kremlin puppet government in its place.

It is therefore of great concern to the Russian dictator that he has failed miserably to achieve his military goals in Ukraine and now finds himself in the awkward position of being the target of a special military operation. deaf.Another kind – when a group of well-armed militants seems to succeed Attack the Belgorod Border Region.

There are many theories as to who was responsible for the most serious border violation since Putin invaded Ukraine last February. However, images of a burnt-down American Humvee used in the attack suggest the perpetrators had access to Western military equipment. Some people think that photography is staged.

Whether the attack was carried out by Ukrainian forces or likely by anti-Putin Russian partisans, as the Russian government claims, the Russian border town is now vulnerable to attack. The fact that it is perceived to be will be a bitter pill for the Kremlin to swallow.

Given that Russia is supposed to be a military powerhouse, according to Putin, it should at least be able to secure its own borders. During most of the early stages of the Ukrainian conflict, Russia was largely immune to attack by Ukraine, especially thanks to the Biden administration and, like the recent leak of classified information, Pentagon Files Revealedpressured Kiev not to conduct operations on Putin’s territory for fear of triggering a wider escalation of the conflict.

More recently, however, Ukrainians have shown their willingness to take the fight directly to the Russian heartland. Aside from last month’s drone attack on the Kremlin, there was another attack on a key Russian target. Ammunition storage and energy supply.

Estimates of Russian battlefield casualties now exceed 200. 200,000 casualtiesquestions about Putin’s own survival will inevitably arise, and those questions will become more acute the more mainland Russia comes under attack.

Putin is paranoid at his best, as evidenced by the network of bunkers he built in the Black Sea Palace to survive a state uprising.

Also, as long as Russian partisan groups are active, such a possibility cannot be ruled out. Russian Freedom Corps and Russian Volunteers Both are linked to this week’s Belgorod attack, but remain committed to the goal of overthrowing Putin’s dictatorship.

Given the widespread influence of Russia’s security services, the prospect of an armed uprising against Putin may seem far-fetched. But if Ukraine manages to suffer a humiliating defeat against the Kremlin, the situation could soon change, and Kiev’s Western allies are ready to provide the weapons they need to win on the battlefield. , this outcome is perfectly feasible.

Many anti-Russian partisan groups have ties to the Ukrainian military and could become part of an anti-Putin uprising if Ukraine wins.

Above all, the ease with which the attackers were able to penetrate Russian border guards during the Belgorod attack highlights the weakness of Russia’s defenses, and this situation is not limited to the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Needing to reinforce its depleted combat forces, Moscow withdrew a significant number of troops from its northern and eastern borders.Estonians should no longer have sleepless nights Russian tanks are expected to march on Tallinn.

The withdrawal of Russian troops in the east could potentially be even more problematic, as it paves the way for China to amend its long-held territorial ambitions, especially with regard to Siberia’s vast forests. Residents of Siberia’s Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk regions are protesting the activities of a Chinese timber company that relies heavily on Russia to meet the demands of China’s rapidly expanding timber market. Xi Jinping may have positioned China as a key ally of Russia in the Ukraine conflict, but his real interest may be in reaffirming China’s control over disputed territories with Russia.

Not long ago, Russia and China were at war over a land dispute in eastern Russia. But if Moscow can no longer control its borders, as happened in Ukraine, Mr. Xi need not be embroiled in a military conflict with Moscow.

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