Putin’s third attempt to assassinate Zelensky fails because of “nuclear terrorism”

Ukrainian Presidential Press Service / Distribution / Reuters

Ukrainian Presidential Press Service / Distribution / Reuters

According to Ukrainian officials, his survival was all thanks to chip-offs from Russian spies, according to Ukrainian officials, comic-turned hero Volodymyr Zelensky was in the war a week before Russia. Has survived at least three precision assassination attempts by elite hit teams since its inception.

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Sergei Spinski via Getty Images / AFP

Both the Kremlin-funded Wagner Group mercenaries and the Chechen leader Ramzan Ahmadvic Kadyrov’s murder team allegedly attempted to kill the Ukrainian president hiding in various hiding pits deep in the capital Kyiv. I am. according to the Washington post.. Wagner Mercenary —Operated by Yevgeny Prigozhin AKA “Putin’s Chef” — There is a list of 24 killings, including Zelensky, allegedly lost, but a stagnant military convoy outside Kyiv makes it difficult for Russian special forces to secure an escape route. Did. according to the Times Of London.

Ukraine’s head of national security, Oleksiy Danilov, told the Ukrainian television network that the Federal Security Service of Russia or a dual agent of the FSB had warned of the attempt. “I can say I got information from the FSB who didn’t want to participate in this bloody war,” said Danilov. “And thanks to this, Kadyrov’s elite group was destroyed. It came here to eliminate our president.”

Still, as President Putin’s brutal battle intensified, Zelensky’s stoic resistance pushed him to cult status, undoubtedly offending Putin. The feeling of inferiority seems to be leaning towards mental illness.. Zelensky is now begging to meet Putin in person-it may look like a death wish-but it is unlikely. “I don’t bite,” Zelensky said in a statement to Putin. “What are you afraid of?”

Early Friday morning, when Russia’s attack turned Europe’s largest nuclear power plant into occupation, Zelensky made an emotional plea. Video statement He accuses Russia of being closer to a nuclear war than ever before. “If there is an explosion, it’s over for everyone. The end of Europe. When world leaders reacted shocked and discouraged, he mentioned the evacuation of Europe.” Only urgent action by Europe is Russia. You can stop the army. Don’t allow Europe to die from a catastrophe at a nuclear power plant. “

Zelensky added: This is the first time in our history. In the history of mankind. State sponsors of terrorism are now resorting to nuclear terrorism. ” “I knew that Russian tanks were firing directly at the station.” Instead, Russian troops claimed that the Ukrainian army was the first to fire, causing re-fire.

NATO Prime Minister Jason Stoltenberg has accused the attack on the nuclear power plant. “This demonstrates the recklessness of this war and the importance of ending it, and the importance of Russia withdrawing all troops and engaging in diplomatic efforts in good faith,” he said on Friday morning. Of the aggression that leaders said they called for an emergency meeting in response to the latest waves.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned that the collapse of the Zaporizhia plant would be ten times more than the Chernobyl accident, which is considered the worst nuclear disaster in history.

As the fighting intensified nationwide, the Ukrainian Minister of Culture ordered workers to wrap statues and strengthen the ancient cathedrals of Kyiv and Lviv. “Russian missiles and planes are deliberately destroying the historic center of a big city. President Putin wants to destroy the heritage and culture of Europe and clear it from the surface of the earth.” The ministry said in a statement on Friday. “The crazy dictator threatens to destroy St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kyiv, a UNESCO church built in the 11th century.”

Mariupol, a strategic port city in southeastern Ukraine, was also surrounded by Russian troops, resulting in constant bombardment and fierce fighting. In northern Zhytomyr, schools were destroyed and collapsed by missiles, according to CNN.

NATO continues to resist Zelensky’s plea for Russia’s no-fly zone, and shooting down and forcing a Russian jet only gives Putin a reason for the attack and responds to Russia’s nuclear weapons. I am concerned that it may be possible. “NATO will protect all allies and territories from Russia’s attacks,” said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken at NATO Headquarters in Brussels on Friday. “Our alliance is a defensive alliance. We do not seek conflict. But in the event of a conflict, we are ready to defend every corner of NATO’s territory. Of course, Ukraine is not yet part of its territory.

In Thursday’s negotiations, Russia promised a limited humanitarian corridor to get supplies in and out, but Friday’s Zelensky had little belief that Russia would postpone the closing of the deal. “Today we will see if the agreement works,” Zelensky said with apparent uncertainties.

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