Putin’s “weaponization hunger” with Ukrainian grain blockade says British Foreign Minister


Britain’s Foreign Minister Liz Truss has accused Russia of “arming hunger” and is using food security as a “ruthless tool of war” for the Ukrainian grain blockade.

At a press conference with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevrut Chabsogur in Ankara, Truss warned that the crisis was “urgent” and must be resolved next month to avoid “catastrophic consequences”. ..

Ukraine was called the “European Breadbasket” and was one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat, corn and sunflower oil.

However, the invasion of Russia and the mining of access to southern ports, including Odesa in Moscow, stopped much of that flow and endangered the world’s food supply.

Truss said Britain’s long-standing alliance with Turkey was “more important than ever” when “security, sovereignty and self-determination were under threat.”

She said countries are working “closely together”, especially to get rid of “grains from Ukraine”.

The Foreign Minister has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of “arming hunger” in the blockade.

“He uses food security as a ruthless tool of war. He shuts down Ukrainian ports, stops the export of 20 million tons of grain around the world, and keeps the world at stake.” She said.

“I’m here in Turkey, discussing plans to remove grain with the support of the United Nations.

“We make it clear that commercial vessels need to have safe passages to leave the Ukrainian port, and that the Ukrainian port should be protected from Russian attacks.

“We support the UN talks, but we cannot allow Russia to change late and in advance. There is an urgent need to take action during the next month ahead of the new harvest. And we We are determined to work with our allies to achieve this. “

She warned that otherwise the world could see “catastrophic consequences.”

She added that Britain provides its own “expertise” on how to avoid the blockade of Russia.

“It will require international efforts,” she warned.

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Truss said visiting Turkey as Foreign Minister was a “priority” because he wanted to “deepen” the relationship between the two countries.

She said the pair will begin negotiations on “an upgraded trade agreement that goes further not only in areas like services, but also in areas like agriculture that are not part of the current deal.”

“We need to increase our industrial capacity, which is also an area we are focusing on,” she said.

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