QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Admits Minor Corruption

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Blockway / The Daily Beast

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Blockway / The Daily Beast

QAnon conspiracy theorists often talk about protecting children from pedophiles and sex traffickers.They accuse top Democrats and Hollywood figures of abusing children at pizzerias, and even after a real anti-trafficking group, hashtags with names like “Save the Children” Unite around Ask to quit..

It’s harder to find anything to further support QAnon’s promise to save children and bring deep state to justice than Philip Godlewski, who lives in Pennsylvania and has more than 48,000 followers on YouTube and Telegram. In a representative video in June, Godrevsky warned the audience that malicious global forces were practicing “devilish children-drinking blood and torturing them high.” did.

Godrevsky when Trump supporters broke into the US Capitol on January 6 False claim On Facebook, then Vice President Mike Pence was arrested for being part of disinformation about the virus. Godrevsky raised more than $ 46,000 from fans on a crowdfunding donation drive, and named him from claims like John F. Kennedy Jr. forged his death and soon returned to public life. I built it up. Godrevsky bumped into some of QAnon’s biggest stars and recently took a photo with a former Trump National Security Adviser. QAnon promoter Michael Flynn at the QAnon conference in Florida.

Just as QAnon is interested in saving children Interfered with genuine anti-trafficking effortsHowever, Godrevsky’s own claims about protecting children have a warning: suspected sexual relations with a teenage girl.

In 2010, Godrevsky was charged with statutory sexual assault, exacerbated vulgar assault, and many other crimes after continuing sexual relations with a 15-year-old girl who worked as a high school baseball coach at the age of 28. I did.

Godlewski finally avoided the most serious accusations of the alleged relationship by pleading guilty to misdemeanor for underage corruption.

Godlevsky’s criminal record was found in June last year when he pleaded guilty to an unrelated case for concealing a crime by tampering with bank records by writing a bad check over $ 28,000 in a home renovation document. It became clear.TheĀ· Scranton Times-Tribune First reported About Godlewski’s accusation and previous convictions.

Godrevsky’s statutory assault case dates back to 2010, when he worked as a high school baseball coach. Godlewski allegedly met a 14-year-old girl through a coaching job. According to modern news reports, Godrevsky approached the girl by helping her sorrow after her boyfriend died.

At some point, Godlewski and the girl are said to have started having sex. Godrevsky, who also worked as a real estate agent, is said to have used the job to have sex with a girl at a house for sale.

Police later claimed to have found thousands of text messages between the pair. Godrevsky allegedly wrote a teenager’s diamond earrings and a diary of her young age. “”

Another QAnon mom allegedly kidnapped her child

After pleading guilty to corruption on minor charges, Godrevsky served three months under house arrest and 20 months on probation.

“He was guilty of guilty of underage corruption,” said Joseph Dandrea, a lawyer who represented Godrevsky in both criminal cases.

Godlewski’s legal issues are back in 2020, when he allegedly wrote over $ 21,000 in bad checks to granite countertops and other household construction products companies. In fact, according to the prosecutor, Godrevsky had only $ 267.95 in his bank account. When the company pressured him to prove he had money after the check was returned, Godrevsky forged a screenshot of his bank account claiming to show that he had $ 35,000 in his account. did.

“The complaint is [that] He passed a bad check for some construction of his house, “said D’Andrea.

Godlewski was found guilty of two misdemeanors in June and is currently serving a month’s imprisonment. Godlewski’s lawyer will file a petition to reconsider the decision.

Godrevsky continued QAnon’s allegations while the prison was approaching, raising legal funding from fans and insisting that he would not go to jail the day before he was sentenced to prison. In a Telegram chat room dedicated to his support, his fans accused Godlevsky of being arrested by a Deep State agent who promised to silence him.

Godrevsky is a bank robber convicted in New Jersey and not the first to become a prominent QAnon booster in the criminal record. Remake yourself As an advocate of vocal QAnon.The conspiracy theory also caused a series of crimes, including: Multiple murder And Suspicion of kidnapping..

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