QAnon influencer Ron Watkins played a key role in the Trump team’s 22-page communication playbook to overthrow the elections.

QAnon influencer Ron Watkins (L) and black and red QAnon flags and white rabbit (R)

The new document, submitted to the Commission on January 6, is one of QAnon’s influential Ron Watkins one of the key figures the Trump team wanted to use during the preparation period until January 6, 2021. It is clear that there is.OAN / YouTube; Robert Nickelsburg / Getty Images

  • Trump’s team wanted QAnon supporter Ron Watkins to help the former president in challenging the 2020 elections.

  • Watkins was nominated along with 23 other right-wing influencers to participate in post-election media blitz.

  • It is widely rumored that he is the man behind the QAnon conspiracy theory.

According to a strategic playbook submitted to the selection committee on January 6, last week, Trump’s team hopes to help QAnon influencer Ron Watkins promote unfounded fraudulent voting claims. I was there.

22-page communication playbook, First edition Suggested use of Politico, Watkins and 23 other conservative influencers To shake the election. The plan, entitled “Strategic Communication Plan,” was created by a group of unnamed individuals, nicknamed the “President Giuliani Legal Defense Team.”

The summary of this document is the Group’s communication strategy for Media Blitz for 10 days from December 27, 2020 to January 6, 2021. Bernard Kerrick..

The Communication Playbook lists 24 “Large,” “Medium,” “Small,” and “Micro” conservative influencers.Included “big” name Candace Owens When Charlie Kirk..

Watkins, People widely rumored to have seeded the QAnon conspiracy theory, Listed as a “medium” influencer.

QAnon Is an unfounded far-right conspiracy theory, claiming that former President Donald Trump is secretly fighting a demonic pedophile and a cannibal “deep state” cabal. The Movement Also, the shadow figure at the center, “Q,” claims to have top-level access to sensitive information, many of which are positive paintings of Trump.

Movement Helped to perpetuate allegations of fraudulent voting in the 2020 presidential election.. Many participants in the January 6 Capitol riots said their actions Inspired and influenced by their belief in Q..

Watkins teeth Candidate for Arizona Capitol as a Republican.. He is still active in the field of right-wing media and is currently spreading the fringe right-wing message on vaccines and fraudulent voting to more than 400,000 subscribers through his telegram channel.

According to the document, the Trump Team’s Communication Blitz goal is to “run a national communication outreach campaign to educate the general public about the number of frauds and prove to the public ignoring the number of fraudulent votes. Was to call on lawmakers and lawmakers. Officially elected President Trump. “

Apart from helping Watkins and other right-wing influencers spread the message of Trump Camp, communication plans were also encouraged. Former President Producing “Viral” Content Using TikTok..

Media Blitz that was supposed to involve these influencers and members HouseFreedom Caucus, It was designed to overturn the 2020 elections and support Trump by putting pressure on Swing State senators such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Kerick is a member of Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and a former New York Police Department member. He was subpoenaed by the January 6th panel in November to provide information on Giuliani’s role in helping Giuliani find evidence of fraudulent elections after the 2020 presidential election. .. CNN..There is There is no evidence of widespread fraudulent voting in the 2020 elections. And playing cards Allegations of fraudulent voting were revealed..

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