QAnon Shaman pleaded guilty to the parliamentary riots. Now he wants to change the brand.

Brent Stirton / Getty Images

Brent Stirton / Getty Images

NS “QAnon ShamanFinally stopped fighting the federal government over his role Parliamentary Rebellion.. Even if his superficial rebranding is the most incredible ever.

33-year-old Jacob Chansley, notorious for attacking the Houses of Parliament on January 6 Carry a spear and loudspeaker while wearing a horned helmet made of coyote leatherOn Friday, he pleaded guilty to obstructing official proceedings, the most serious accusation against him.

The first six indictments against him may have landed in Phoenix, Arizona, where he lived in prison for more than 28 years, but the judicial deal he has now made with the federal government in a single indictment is that he It means much less to face. Prosecutors say Chansley is currently facing up to 51 months in prison.

At a plea hearing on Friday, Chansley’s defense lawyer claimed that his client, who soon appeared as the face of a parliamentary riot, was no longer a conspirator who sympathized with Trump. Now, Al Watkins told Judge Royce C. Lambert that Chansley wants a second chance after showing “quite acuity during the review” of the judicial transaction.

“I am very grateful to the court for assessing me and my mental vulnerabilities,” said Chansley after saying that Lambert judged him mentally competent. I did.

“God blesses you and thank you for what you have done for our country,” Chansley added to the judge during the hearing.

Plea of ​​guilty was accused by Watkins in a statement to The Daily Beast, when his client said, “A long-time professed and practicing shaman rejected the previously assigned” Q “to him. Requesting future mention of the letter “Q”. “

“It is imperative to give patience and compassion to those who are non-violent, peaceful and have true mental health problems, such as Mr. Chansley. Take responsibility for their actions throughout the day. “Try to do it,” Watkins added.

While claiming Chansley’s release, Watkins was not confused in prison and was primarily imprisoned in a cell after his client voluntarily surrendered three days after the riot on Friday. Said. At that time, he said he allowed Chansley to “regain his acuity.”

“Mr. Chancery was neither a criminal record, a planner, nor a violent person. Attorneys, including psychiatrists, are always supportive,” he said. He added that he deserved to be released.

Deputy Attorney General Kimberly Pashall argued on Friday that Chansley should be detained until a ruling is issued because “we are concerned about the security of the community.”

Lambert said he would not make an immediate decision on whether to release Chansley prior to the November 17 ruling, but would address the issue under “advice.”

January 6 riots with the most horns sign contract with federal government

As one of the first to break through the Capitol and attack the Senate, Chansley was infamously photographed in his quirky outfit with a group of like-minded MAGA riots. According to criminal charges, Chansley was one of a small group that attacked the Senate. Air Force Veterinarian Holding a Cable Tie And armed An Alabama man who said God told him to enter the building.

After entering the room “by the grace of God,” Chansley admitted to the authorities that it was good to sit in the chair of Vice President Mike Pence at the desk in the Senate room. He said he sat in the Senate because Pence was “a traitor who trafficked children,” according to court documents.

“It’s just a matter of time, and justice is coming,” the memo read, but Chansley insisted on the FBI that it didn’t mean it as a threat.

Chancery didn’t wait long to admit his crime to federal authorities.

January 7th, he Called the FBI He was in a riot, and “he came from Arizona with other” patriots “, admitting all” patriots “to come to Washington, DC at the president’s request,” the criminal charges said. Says.

He was arrested on January 9 and charged with six crimes, including civil turmoil, obstruction of public affairs, chaotic behavior in restricted buildings, and demonstrations in the Capitol.

The federal government is a violent conspiracy theory in which Chansley is a major participant in the Capitol riots and falsely claims that pedophiles and cannibals who do not exist in the Democratic Party are arrested and executed. Said to be a “self-proclaimed leader”.

In another January memo, prosecutors said Chansley lied to authorities about his drug use.

“In addition, a complete portrait of Chansley’s apparent mental health problems, which he publicly disseminated, is a strongly retained false mystery in QAnon, a dangerous conspiracy-theoretic group of dangerous militants. Belief and leadership are included. [disclosed by him]”The memo said, adding that Chansley had previously said he thought he was an” alien. “

See MyPillowGuy really land someone in jail

Lucky has made his headline since his arrest Multiple attempts to get out of prison before his trialHe demanded organic food behind the bar to appear to be his shamanic belief and appeared on national television while in prison. Lucky was finally granted his dietary request after Sherman’s faith claimed he hadn’t eaten for nine days because he banned eating non-organic foods offered in prison.

Watkins previously told The Daily Beast After his client was arrested, Chansley noticed “after a period of introspection” that he was “open to publicity from the former president.” One of the main factors in his awakening call was after Trump had bitten a pardon request from Chansley and other parliamentary rioters.

“He came to understand the fact that the former president didn’t really love him and all the bullshit and all social media-led conspiracy theories about Trump’s army led to many vulnerabilities.” Watkins told The Daily Beast during February.

Of course, at least one other QAnon-er involved in the riot sings a similar song.But reportedly Iowadagrass Jensen has been reformed Returned to jail to stream My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell on bail..

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