Qantas offers a 20-hour direct flight from London, New York to Australia.

Qantas has announced a new direct flight, which will be available from 2025 to customers wishing to have a direct flight from London or New York to Sydney.

An Australian airline has ordered 12 Airbus A350-1000 jets that can fly long distances without refueling.

The new London-Sydney route will take about 20 hours. This is three hours longer than the service that Qantas already offers from the British capital to the city of Perth in Western Australia.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce called the new route “the ultimate solution to distance tyranny.”

Joyce also noted that the new Airbus “reduces emissions by at least 15% when run on fossil fuels and significantly improves when run on sustainable aviation fuels,” he added. By 2050. “

When the plane first began flying from London to Sydney in 1947, it took a total of 58 hours and required seven stops along the way.

Currently, most flights from London to Sydney land in Bangkok, Singapore, or Dubai.

The route from New York to Sydney avoids the current stop in Los Angeles or Vancouver.

Qantas said planes delivered between 2025 and 2028 will each carry 238 passengers and 40% of the cabin will be allocated to “premium seats.”

We don’t know the price of the ticket, but travelers said they could access the “well-being zone” in the center of the plane, which had a snack bar and space for stretching and traveling.

2001, Emma Kristofferson28, died after a blood clot developed after a flight from Australia to London, and death from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) was claimed to be associated with long-distance flights.

However, subsequent studies, such as a 2009 paper by the German Institute for Medical Quality and Efficiency, found that the risks were overestimated and that healthy travelers were not at great risk from DVT.

Michael Caine, the state secretary of the Australian Transport Workers’ Union, criticized Qantas for spending money on a new plane when it was fired. 2,000 ground workersThe decision made by a federal court in Australia last year was not legal.

Kane said: “Many illegally outsourced workers are still struggling to achieve their goals, passengers are suffering from long delays and lost luggage, but Qantas is cashing on new planes and flight routes. I’m sleeping. “

Chris Summers


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