Qatar Releases Video of Jet Airbus Injured in Airbus Conflict

Paris-Qatar Airways fought a $ 4 million daily spiral dispute on European Airbus and social media on Friday video The damaged look of the grounded A350 jet, which the airline said emphasized “serious and legitimate safety concerns.”

Airbus has admitted that it needs to be careful, arguing that it does not endanger safety, but the two companies have been in a dispute over paint deterioration and lightning strike prevention for long-range jets for several months. It is locked.

Qatar Airways was the first official jet to be grounded by national regulators to continue to spotlight technical issues after blaming state airlines for Airbus engineering the dispute for compensation. I counterattacked with the image.

Screenshots show the status of the Airbus A350 in unspecified locations in the video released on January 21, 2022. (Provided by Qatar Airways / Distributed via Reuters)

The controversy caused 21 of the 53 Qatar Airways-operated A350s to land, which had a major impact on airlines’ preparations for the World Cup later this year. The airline says it needs a plane to accommodate thousands of fans.

Qatar Airways has also urged Airbus to be excluded from multi-billion dollar transactions and replaced by about 30 dozen cargo ships. This will go to rival Boeing and may help strengthen our relationship with Washington in future visits.

Qatar Airways has stopped delivering the new A350, seeking $ 618 million and $ 4 million in compensation per day. Airbus said it would fight the allegations altogether.

In a little over a minute and a half video released on YouTube, Qatar Airways showed a row of defects on some skin of the A350 grounded by national regulators.

Airbus did not immediately comment on this video.

Airbus states that there is “no rational or rational basis” for grounding that did not occur elsewhere.

Video evidence

The clip shows areas of paint peeling or chipping, cracking, lightning protection damage areas, and areas described by the airline as carbon fiber patches that can be exposed to moisture and damage UV rays. I did.

Scars-External Airbus
Screenshots show the status of the Airbus A350 in unspecified locations in the video released on January 21, 2022. (Provided by Qatar Airways / Distributed via Reuters)

Lightweight carbon fiber jet passenger planes rely on metal leaf embedded under the paint to help lightning safely wash the fuselage, which is less conductive than previous metals.

Lightning strikes a jet airliner about once a year.

The video showed the flakes of a copper mesh lightning strike prevention system, which should have been fixed to a flat surface with resin, loosening when the paint was removed with a gloved hand.

These images reflect the damage to the A350, which was first revealed in a photo exclusively published in a Reuters investigation last November.

Studies show that since 2016, at least five other airlines have reported paint or skin defects on the A350, when Qatar tried to repaint the jet with World Cup coloring in November 2020. Concerns were expressed before about 980 flaws were revealed.

“We continue to strongly believe that Airbus must conduct a thorough investigation of this condition in order to decisively establish its complete root cause,” Qatar Airways said.

Airbus says it is considering redesigning its lightning protection mesh for the future A350, but claims that it has adequate backup lightning protection. Qatar states that it is undermining the global protocol by pursuing leverage over security.

The question of whether “root cause analysis” exists is part of a UK lawsuit scheduled for a hearing in late April.

Airbus said it provided relevant information and concluded that there was no risk of airworthiness. This is the view that European aviation regulators are resonating with.

After Airbus took the rare step of canceling another Qatar order for the smaller A321neos, Jet Video usually limited 24 hours of intense exposure for the secret aviation world.

Qatar Airways said it supported all current contracts and indicated that it would fight the move. Jets have been very successful for Airbus, which is facing problems keeping up with demand. “The opportunity cost of (cancelled) Airbus is zero. It may be convenient,” said consultant Bertrand Grabowski.

Tim Heffer