Quandre Diggs broke his leg on the Seahawks terrorist lawn and Tyler Lockett returns with his friend

Cvandre Digs lay on the grass and was broken. Medical personnel immediately called the electric cart.

Sidney Jones hit the air nearby and slammed around the field with anger.

DJ Reed took off his helmet.

Digges teammates who weren’t on the field on Sunday when Pro Bowl safety became the latest Seahawks player seriously injured in this Seattle horror field in Arizona came to him from a bystander across the field. ..

The entire Seahawks team stood up and watched the rescuers place an inflatable cast on the right leg of the broken Diggs in two places.Free safety tried to turn around to reach the Cardinals ball carrier in the fourth quarter Seattle’s 38-30 upset victory at the season finale. His feet gave way to the grass, and the Cardinals lineman appeared to hit the lower half of the Digges’ legs while the cleats were anchored to the ground.

“I was surprised,” said linebacker Jordyn Brooks.

Pete Carroll said Digges had a broken fibula and a dislocated ankle after the match. He needed surgery and was late that Sunday night at the Phoenix hospital while the Seahawks went home without him and flew in the off-season.

All of them, except the Tyler Lockett.

“That’s my best friend,” he said of the Digges.

The Seahawks wide receiver asked Carol for permission to stay with Diggs at the hospital. The coach admitted it.

“That’s my brother, but I don’t think he’s done anything he didn’t do for me,” said Big when Rocket was playing at Kansas State and Texas Diggs. He talked about his training partner at the 12 Conference and his former college rivals.

Quarterback and captain Russell Wilson summarized the team’s mood about Digges’ injury.

What made the injury even more painful for the Digges was that he was in the last quarter of the final round of the contract. He had been wanting something new from the Seahawks since before last summer. It was when he held up from the training camp: appeared, but refused to practice.

Carlos Dunlap, a veteran defensive end, knows the NFL’s cool business. Just as he was about to join the free agent, he shook his head to Digges, who had a broken leg.

“I have no words,” said Dunlap.

Carol called it a “heartbreaker.”

“Everyone loves this guy very much because of who he is,” said the Seattle coach. “He’s such an embedded leader, character, toughness, everything he represents. Men love this guy.”

The injured Seattle Seahawks Free Safety Kvand Ladyggs received Seahawks training and medical staff late in the NFL football game against Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, January 9, 2022 in Glendale, Arizona. I attended. Darryl Webb)

The injured Seattle Seahawks Free Safety Kvand Ladyggs received Seahawks training and medical staff late in the NFL football game against Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, January 9, 2022 in Glendale, Arizona. I attended. Darryl Webb)

Carroll finished the Cardinals’ upset victory after the Seahawks sounded surprised at the lead and wore an aircast to see the Diggs driven behind the cart.

“It crushed everyone, and it was ignored the way they ended up,” Carroll said. “They ended up for him.

“My heart is broken because he was so hurt.”

Brooks, a second-year linebacker, said Digges was his most responsible teammate in Seattle’s defense.

How does Diggs do that?

“Scream out loud,” Brooks said.

After the mentor was injured, Brooks secretly gathered Seahawks defenses and told him to win the Digges match.

Brooks then set a new franchise record for season 183 tackles after a staggering 20 tackle match. This was above the 170 of this season’s Allpro Bobby Wagner until the end of the season with a knee sprain against Detroit last week.

Digges was injured in the same field that Earl Thomas had broken his leg and was taken out of the cart during Seattle’s 2018 season. Thomas threw his middle finger when he was forever added to the cart by the Seahawks. Earlier All-Pro security was at the end of his contract after he wanted the Seahawks to give him a new deal that he never got.

Seahawks tight end Will Disley’s 2018 rookie season ended after he suffered Glendale’s patella injury While playing against the Cardinal.

Seattle Super Bowl Champion Safety Kam Chancellor suffered a neck injury at the end of his career in a Seahawks-Cardinals match at the same stadium where Digges was injured on Sunday, November 2017.

Same game of 2017, Richard Sherman tore his Achilles tendon Arizona’s tendon. He never played at the Seahawks, so he finished the secondary to Seattle’s only Super Bowl Championship, the Legion of Boom.

That era of the Seahawks would have won the second Super Bowl in a row, as Wilson intercepted from the one-yard line in the last few seconds of the title game with New England at the end of the 2014 season.

Yes, the match was also played at this stadium in the desert. Wilson’s interception by Patriots’ Malcolm Butler at the Super Bowl XLIX took place about 20 yards south at the same end of the field where Digges was injured on Sunday.

Lockett saw all these injuries in person. Rocket broke his leg On Christmas Eve 2016, in a match against the Seahawks Cardinals. The game was played in Seattle.

Today, Digges is facing the same recovery path that Rocket did a few years ago.

“He will be back. He will get it back,” Carol said. “I’ve been here for a few months, but he’ll be back next season. That’s the good side …”

In fact, Digges hasn’t been signed for next season. This injury probably cost him money and certainly brought him peace of mind.

Wilson knows that.

“I had to talk to him. I was there. It’s heavy just to see the pain and wounds,” Wilson said. He is the MVP of the season on how he played. I don’t think anyone has played better in that position throughout the league.

“I know he’s a man who deserves to be rewarded in the right way. He’s a man who deserves all the praise.”

It’s sometimes cold, the NFL world.

“I’m very sorry. I’m really, really sad,” Rockett said. “Looking at the position, you can go to a free agency, you have everything, you can play all season, up to this point. To be honest, that’s terrible.

“That’s what happens in a soccer match. They say it’s a 100% injury (rate). You never know when something will happen to you.

“You just pray that such a thing will not happen to you. All we can really do is be there for him, love him, recover and return. In the meantime, to support him.

“That’s what I’m definitely trying to do.”