Quarantine exemption for foreign business leaders that provide economic boost to the UK

The government has announced that when foreign business leaders arrive in the UK, they will not need to be quarantined if their trips could bring significant economic benefits to the UK.

Business executives wishing to travel to the UK for “financial investment in a UK-based business” or “establishing a new business in the UK” are exempt, but first require written permission Become.

“This exemption aims to enable activities to create and retain jobs and investments in the UK, while taking steps to minimize public health risks,” said the Ministry of Business. I am.

But the government added that business leaders are not eligible for exemption if the activity can be carried out remotely by phone, email, or someone else.

“Significant economic benefits” are believed to be more than 50% likely to create or retain at least 500 UK-based jobs or create new UK businesses within two years. New guidance has been added.

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UK Business Secretary Kwasi Kwaten with Dateless File Photos. (Aaron Chaung / PA)

Business leaders visiting the United Kingdom must undergo a COVID-19 test, be further tested upon arrival, and inform the government that they intend to use the exemption before receiving a confirmation.

Bosses who want to take advantage of loopholes to attend regular board meetings will be disappointed, but meetings to decide whether to invest in the new UK sector may be accepted.

When not addressing business issues in the UK, these executives need to continue to be self-isolated, with additional guidance and COVID meetings in a secure manner.

“Individuals who leave quarantine when requested and are not legally exempt from those requirements will commit criminal offenses,” he said.

Business leaders have worked primarily remotely during most of the pandemic.

However, airlines have urged deregulation as companies adopt telecommuting, as sales of the most profitable business and first class seats plummet.

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