Quebec announces “serious” fines for unvaccinated people

Quebec has announced that unvaccinated people will have to pay an additional “health contribution”. This is Canada’s first jurisdiction and imposes a financial penalty on those who refuse a shot.

Prime Minister François Lego announced at a press conference on Tuesday following the resignation of Oracio Aruda, the state’s director of public health, who said he had resigned due to a decline in public confidence in health protection measures.

When asked if the penalty would be in the $ 50 or $ 100 range, Lego said it would be more. The amount is undecided, but it will be “a considerable amount”.

The prime minister said he is in talks with the Treasury because Quebecs may have to pay fines each year when they pay taxes. Those who do not have private insurance need to have health insurance each year, and the new tax works as well, he said. Tax exemption does not apply to tax exemptions.

“For now, I think it’s a matter of fairness for 90 percent of the sacrificed population,” Lego said. “I think we owe them this kind of measure.”

The announcement came the day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called to discuss a pandemic response with him.

The read out No mention was made in the call to require vaccination, but after the call, New Brunswick’s Premier Brain Higgs Said The CBC said, “I think there will be more discussion in New Brunswick, and perhaps across the country.”

The topic of requiring all Canadians to be vaccinated was raised on January 7 by the Federal Minister of Health, Jean Eve Duclos. Health is a state sector, but the federal government plays a role in influencing state policy through sourcing vaccines, providing test kits, and financial incentives.

Quebec’s healthcare system is tense with the advent of pandemics and Omicron variants, but the problem has been a long-standing problem. Past influenza pandemics have overwhelmed hospitals in 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016.

January 10, Quebec report 433 new COVID hospitalizations and 290 (67%) have been fully vaccinated. In 28 days, complete vaccination accounted for 65.5 percent of hospitalizations, according to the report. Sante Québec. For ICU admission, 17 out of 32 people were fully vaccinated, and in 28 days, the number of fully vaccinated cases was 52.8 percent of the cases.

Quebec, Ontario Also, in some states of the United States, a significant number of cases counted as COVID-19 hospitalizations are not hospitalized due to the virus and are tested positive while hospitalized for other reasons such as childbirth. I’ve been aware of that lately. In Quebec, that number is at least 30-40 percent of patients, according to Aruda.

The state also reported the deaths of 62 new COVID-19s on January 10. According to government data, 97.8% of COVID deaths in Quebec were pre-existing medical conditions and 93% were more than one.

Canadian Press contributed to this report.

Noe Chartier


Noé Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.