Quebec can unilaterally change parts of the Canadian Constitution: Trudeau

Montreal — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau states that Quebec can unilaterally amend parts of the Canadian Constitution.

The state’s proposed language law amendment, introduced last week, seeks to change parts of the Constitution to ensure that Quebec is the country and its official language is French.

Trudeau told reporters today in his first federal analysis that the state could change some of the constitutions that apply specifically to the state.

He says Quebec can change its constitution to emphasize that it is a country and its official language is French. These are two things already recognized by the federal government.

Trudeau is concerned about protecting French in Quebec and other parts of Canada, and states that the Constitution will continue to protect linguistic minorities, especially Anglo-Saxon in Quebec.

Language law reforms also include stricter signing laws and stronger language requirements for schools, governments and businesses, including federal regulated industries.

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