Quebec City’s murder suspect’s parents say police couldn’t help them

The men’s parents, facing a second murder, say the tragedy could have been avoided if Quebec City police had listened to their plea for help.

Lucie Drouin and Daniel Lebel said at a news conference today that they called police on April 4 to seek help from their son Kim Lebel, who was facing a mental health crisis.

According to Drouin, after spending 20 minutes with 30-year-old Lebel, police decided that he didn’t need to intervene, even though his parents claimed he was afraid of his son’s behavior.

Drouin said she and her husband were ordered two days later by a court order for a psychiatric evaluation of their son, went to the police, claimed he was at risk to society, and urged him to act swiftly. say.

Parents say police arrived at the residence about four hours later. Shortly thereafter, many called 911 and reported that Lebel had attacked and killed the 65-year-old Jacques Côté.

Quebec police guard dogs have begun investigating the actions of the city police involved in the incident.

Canadian press