Quebec Coroner investigates teenage shootings by state police in 2018

Riley Fairholm’s mother, Tracy Wing, answers questions at a press conference in Montreal on September 16, 2019, under the watchful eye of Korey Kevin Celic’s father, Chessour Celic. (Canada Press / Paul Chiasson)

A coroner’s cause of death inquiry is underway for a teenager in Quebec who was killed by Quebec police who allegedly had an air pistol four years ago.

Riley Fairholm, 17, was shot dead early in the morning of July 25, 2018, in the parking lot of an abandoned restaurant in Lac-Brome, Kenya, about an hour southeast of Montreal.

The shooting was investigated by Quebec’s independent police guard dog and the crown decided not to prosecute.

Crown states that it was Fairholm who called 911 and he was in danger.

Police say they tried to negotiate with teenagers to drop their weapons before they fired.

The survey is Que. Led by coroner GĂ©hane Kamel in the court of Sherbrooke in Sherbrooke, there are contacts from civilian witnesses, Fairholm’s family, police officers and various experts.

Camel states that her inquest, scheduled to run for two weeks, sheds light on Fairholm’s death and includes recommendations for better protection of human life.

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