Quebec extends mandatory vaccination deadline for health workers until November 15

The Quebec government has granted health care workers a one-month extension of their COVID-19 vaccination obligations and has given them the injections they need to continue working until November 15.

Healthcare workers were previously vaccinated with COVID-19 or suspended unpaid until October 15.

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé said the Quebec government has made a “difficult decision” to extend the vaccination deadline amid an urgent staff shortage. He said that if the state government enforced the October 15 order, 25,000 unvaccinated health workers could be lost.

“We have found that we are putting excessive pressure on our network, especially vaccinated health care workers who have been at the forefront for months,” Duvet said. Press conference October 13th.

“If you keep going like this, you will hit the wall.”

Dubé also said that since October 18, unvaccinated workers will need to undergo COVID-19 screening tests at least three times a week. This measure has already been implemented in public facilities, but will be extended to private networks.

All new employees of the public health network need to be properly vaccinated, Duvet said. The government also maintains the requirement that visitors and caregivers present their vaccine passports before entering the hospital.

Duvet said there are economic implications for unvaccinated workers.

Nurses who have not been vaccinated by November 15 will not be eligible for a bonus of up to $ 18,000 for healthcare professionals in Quebec. Announced last month To retain employees in the face of labor shortages.

Lucy Opatorny, Quebec’s deputy health minister who joined Duvet at a press conference, faced questions from reporters yesterday after claiming that the vaccination deadline was “no change.” “Completely inflexible” is irresponsible.

“In the face of the facts, if you say you’re completely inflexible over tight deadlines, you’re not sure if it’s responsible,” says Opartrny. “Given that people need medical care and social welfare, I don’t know if it will be a responsible way of acting.”

Opatrny said at least 35 operating rooms and about 600 hospital beds in Quebec will be closed when the October 15 deadline comes into force.

The extension was welcomed by Fédération de la Santé du Québec (FSQ-CSQ), a medical union representing more than 5,000 healthcare workers in the state, and said it was “satisfied” with the postponement.

“Given the fragile network, as he admitted, the minister had no option to make this responsible decision,” said Claire Montur, president of FSQ-CSQ. news release..

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