Quebec police issue warning after reporting polar bears in the Gaspe area

Madeleine Center, Quebec — Quebec police have warned the townspeople of the Madeleine Center to stay home after reports of polar bears being found in the area.

Located on the Gaspé Peninsula, the town is less than 300 km north of the New Brunswick border and more than 100 km north of Quebec.

Police spokesman Sgt. Stéphane Tremblay says citizens reported polar bears to wildlife officials and asked police to keep them safe until they arrived.

According to Tranbray, a maintenance officer arrived before 2:00 pm on Saturday to take charge of the situation.

The state’s Forest and Wildlife Parks Department says it has not yet been confirmed whether the animals found are actually polar bears.

Polar bears are occasionally found in the coastal areas of the Lower North Shore of Quebec — about 500 km north of the Madeleine Center.

Canadian press