Quebec Prime Minister visits Quebec area under threat of landslide, promised assistance


Quebec Premier Fran├žois Legor says it may be necessary to destroy five homes and defeat four others in the northern neighborhood of Quebec City, which has been evacuated due to the threat of a landslide.

Lego commented to reporters after touring the Labe district of Saguenay today after about 200 people were displaced over the weekend due to the unstable planet.

Officials say 192 residents have moved from 76 homes after a landslide destroyed their homes last week.

Legault says the state will increase payments to homeless people from $ 260,000 announced earlier this week to $ 375,000.

He also says the government will increase the daily living allowance for evacuees from $ 20 to $ 40.

Legault said he hopes engineers will be able to stabilize the ground and allow people to return to the 67 evacuated homes, adding that the work could take up to four months. I did.

The city declared a state of emergency on the weekend and evacuated the disaster area. The Quebec government extended the emergency order on Monday.

A city spokesman says experts warn that the area’s land is unstable and at risk of an imminent landslide.

Canadian press