Quebec removes COVID vaccine obligations on existing healthcare workers

The Premier of Ontario states that the COVID-19 vaccine is not essential for health care workers in his state

Quebec has shown that existing health care workers do not need to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine to continue working, indicating that the state’s position has been reversed.

Meanwhile, Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford says it’s up to individual healthcare workers in his state to get vaccinated.

so Press conference Health Minister Christian Duvet said in Quebec City on November 3 that the suspension of unvaccinated workers on November 15 would have a “catastrophic effect” on the state’s health system. He said the state would face reduced or reorganized services if the government advanced the planned deadlines for mandatory vaccination.

“To rob 8,000 people [in health staff ranks] It will have catastrophic consequences for our network, “DubĂ© reported by CTV News.

Instead of the original plan, current employees will no longer be required to be vaccinated, but he said he would need to be tested for COVID-19 at least three times a week. Vaccination is required for new employees.

The government initially set a deadline for vaccination of health care workers on October 15, but extended it by one month due to an urgent staff shortage.

According to Duvet, 97% of healthcare workers are vaccinated against COVID-19, but there are still about 14,000 people who have not received a single dose, including 5,000 who are in direct contact with the patient. increase.

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Premier of Ontario Doug Ford unmasked to ask journalists questions when attending a press conference in Toronto on October 22, 2021. (Canadian Press / Chris Young)

Also on November 3, Premier of Ontario Doug Ford vaccinated hospital workers with the COVID-19 vaccine in light of the challenges faced by other states in implementing vaccination obligations for health care workers. He said he would not force him.

“British Columbia had to cancel surgery and diagnostic tests because more than 3,000 healthcare workers suddenly retired after implementing the mandatory vaccine,” Ford said. Said In a statement on November 3rd.

“Quebec has now completely abandoned them because of the significant risk of sudden loss of thousands of healthcare workers to provide critical services.”

Ford said the hospital “remains safe for patients and their caring staff” due to the high immunization rates and “strong infection prevention and control” measures in the hospital.

“I’m not ready to jeopardize the provision of care to millions of Ontarians,” Ford said.

“After reviewing the evidence, our government decided to maintain a flexible approach by leaving human resource decisions to individual hospitals.”

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Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.