Quebec social services under pressure from influx of asylum seekers

An influx of asylum seekers to Quebec is putting pressure on the province of Quebec. social Homeless shelters in Montreal are bearing the brunt.

France Label, which operates a youth homeless shelter in downtown Montreal, says it has seen an increase in requests for beds from asylum seekers.

Homelessness among Montreal’s asylum seekers is a relatively new phenomenon, says Sam Watts, director of homeless shelters at Welcome Hall Mission.

According to the federal government, 45,250 asylum seekers arrived in Quebec between January and November 2022, compared with 7,290 in 2021 overall.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault said last month he needed help from Ottawa to house, educate and integrate the growing number of asylum seekers in the province.

Labelle talks about shelters and other places in Montreal. social Service networks need adequate resources to meet the growing demand from potential refugees.

canadian press