Quebec State Auditor General Releases Today’s Review of State Finances Ahead of Election

Quebec Inspector General Ghislaine Leclerc presents a report before the Quebec City Council on November 24, 2021. (The Canadian Press/Jacques Boissinot)

Quebec’s Comptroller General will today release a review of the Finance Minister’s pre-election report on the state’s finances.

Ghislaine Leclerc is tasked with judging the reasonableness of the financial projections, estimates and assumptions made in the run-up to the October local elections.

Finance Minister Eric Girard is expected to release a pre-election financial report later today after Leclerc releases her review.

The aim of Leclerc’s review is to ensure that the party that won the Oct. 3 election does not say that he was surprised by unexpected deficits or surpluses after taking office.

Her report also provides all political parties with the same framework they use when creating costly electoral platforms.

Leclerc is scheduled to speak to reporters at 10am and Girard’s press conference is scheduled for about an hour later.

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