Quebec teacher arrested in a car-attacked picket line

Montreal — Que, who was picketing with a colleague this morning. A Sherbrooke teacher was attacked by a car that police called a deliberate gesture.

Sherbrooke police spokesman Martin Career says he was on a teacher’s strike outside high school around 9:30 am when a woman was attacked by a driver allegedly driving on the picket line.

Career says the woman escaped with minor injuries.

The 54-year-old left the scene, but was later arrested at home for assault with a weapon.

Career says witnesses have shown that the suspect was associated with the school and was probably the student’s father, but that has not yet been confirmed.

The victim was one of the tens of thousands of Quebec teachers who went on an early morning strike that began after midnight today and lasted until 9:30 am. The teacher has not signed a contract since March 2020.

In Montreal this morning, I was able to see teachers grouped outside the school, waving signs and demanding better working conditions.

A teachers’ union called Centrale des syndicats du Quebec states that the timing of the strike was designed to put pressure on management without affecting student learning.

The Quebec High Court refused to ask teachers to deny the right of the school board to hold a strike on Monday, paving the way for job hunting.

A state labor court was supposed to hear the case on Tuesday afternoon, but a teachers union leader said the case turned out to be unnecessary after discussions between the two parties. ..

Union leader Jose Scalablini told Canadian press that employers are asking for peace of mind on some aspects of the strike.

Several boards of education have announced that the class will go online that day as the strike affected the school bus and early morning coaching.

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