Quebec truck drivers worry about problems with autoboards forcing rigs to park

MONTREAL—Truck drivers may not be able to leave the province on April 1 as disgruntled drivers continue to fend off long queues at Quebec’s motor insurance commission. I’m worried that

The state motor insurance commission has dealt with long queues at many service centers since introducing a new online portal on February 20, but users were unable to access it due to authentication issues.

Richard Pellerin, a self-employed truck driver based in the state’s Mauricie area, said he would have to park his vehicle if he did not receive an updated registration. Truck drivers who transport goods outside Quebec must register with what is known as the International Registration Scheme.

“This issue with the Motor Insurance Commission affects all of us, but especially for our industry, for all of us, a registration expiring on March 31 actually directly affects us,” he said. Pellerin said in an interview.

The new website was expected to streamline certain transactions such as license renewals, registration payments and exam bookings. But that turned into a major embarrassment for the board of directors known as the Quebec Motor Insurance Association and the federal government of Avenir-Québec.

Quebec’s transport minister, Geneviève Guillebault, returned home after a short trip to Europe this week, announcing a grace period for expired licenses and other measures aimed at reducing backlogs at service centers. , to deal with foul-ups.

But Mr. Perelin said on Thursday that there were no signs that things were improving for truck drivers. “In order to be able to work after March 31st, I need to renew my international registration,” he said. “Otherwise, my company will be closed until I get that official document.” Not renewing could cost him $30,000 a month, he said.

Francis Rouleau, secretary general of the Association des routiers professionalnels du Québec, said the 150 members of his truckers association could be fined for traveling outside Quebec without renewing. I said I was worried.

“Unless the matter is resolved by the board on 1 April, it will be very upsetting for several drivers who have been fined and road violations, all due to technical glitches,” Rouleau said.

Guilbault’s announced plans include giving updates to drivers whose licenses have expired in the past six weeks, ending June 1. A vehicle registration certificate with an expiry date, he was further extended for 60 days. Drivers will also have more time to register their new car purchased at the dealership.

Additionally, foreign driver’s licenses will remain valid until August 29th, so newcomers can apply for a Quebec license later.

On Monday, the board announced it would add 150 employees to its service center and extend its operating hours. Quebec motorists are in high demand because they have to make an annual payment to renew their license.A driver’s license is valid for four years in New Brunswick and five years in other states. .

Guilbault told reporters at a service center in Montreal on Friday that preparations for the launch of the online portal had failed.

“As far as I’m concerned, the planning work didn’t go very well, which means there were queues that no one expected, but there’s also the communication aspect,” says Guilbault. “We probably didn’t do enough and we’re learning from it.”

The Auto Insurance Commission did not respond to requests for comment on Thursday and Friday.

Guilbault said the board is prioritizing truck drivers and taxi drivers. “Under no circumstances will we accept that truck drivers cannot work from March 31 or April 1 because they have not been able to receive services,” she said.

“What I was told is that at this time, we can service the truckers.

But Rouleau said the truckers had never seen evidence of their priority trucks. “People attending board meetings with commercial shipping documents have to wait in line like everyone else. It’s as if the message wasn’t relayed to security or staff.”