Quebec will launch a vaccine passport on September 1st


Quebec states that the vaccine passport system will be available for download on smartphones starting September 1.

Beginning September 1, people over the age of 13 in Quebec will be required to present proof of vaccination to access non-essential businesses such as restaurants, bars and gyms. If a company chooses not to check a vaccine passport, it can be closed by public health authorities, but the state will not impose penalties until September 15.

Residents can present paper evidence or digitally prove their status. download Their electronic proof of vaccination, including QR code Save the vaccination status, name and date of birth.Downloadable app called VaxiCode, You will be able to add a scannable QR code.

Another app called VaxiCode VerifCan be used by a company to scan a customer’s QR code and display the status as “properly protected” in green or “not well protected” in red.

Both apps will be available for download from Apple’s App Store starting August 25, but the Android version will be available later in the week.

Vaccine passport necessary If you want to attend a festival or outdoor rally with more than 50 people, go to the cinema, visit the amusement park or play a game at the bowling alley. Passports are also required for bars and restaurants that sit on the terrace other than takeaway.

Team sports or physical activity with frequent or long-term contact, such as baseball and hockey, are also included in the list, except in professional or school settings.

Vaccine passports do not apply to critical businesses such as grocery stores and pharmacies. It is also not needed for personal gatherings, places of worship, weddings and funerals.

Elementary, junior high and high schools are also exempt from teachers, students and chaperons who do not need to show proof of vaccination during their school trip.

The state’s vaccine passport met with opposition from those concerned about the risks to civil liberties, including thousands of protesters who marched against the move in Montreal on August 14.

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Isaac Theo

Isaac is a Toronto-based reporter.