Quebec’s new language bill creates a “charter free zone”, Anglo Rights Group warns

Former Liberal Party of Canada member Marlene Jennings will speak at an event called “Our Long Walk Home” in Montreal on August 1, 2020. At this event, the organizers invited people to participate in a campaign to buy back and rebuild the land that previously housed Negro. Community Center (NCC). (Canada Pre / Graham Hughes)

Montreal — The organization representing the English community in Quebec says it is seriously concerned about the potential impact of the state’s new language bill.

According to the Quebec Community Group Network, Bill 96 is extensive and complex and represents a major overhaul of Quebec’s legal order.

QCGN head Marlene Jennings told reporters today that the bill aims to amend 24 state laws and the 1867 Constitution.

Jennings said the government nevertheless preemptively used clauses to protect the bill from certain constitutional challenges, resulting in a “constitutionless zone” with various interactions between citizens and the state. Is born.

Her group said she had asked Federal Justice Minister David Lametti to investigate the constitutionality of Bill 96 from the Canadian Supreme Court.

The bill enacted in May is a major reform of the state’s signature language law, known as Bill 101. The government states that the goal of Bill 96 is to ensure that French is the state’s only official language and Quebec’s common language. Country.

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