Quebec’s new vaccine passport worries business owners amid volatile resumption


Bar and restaurant owners raise concerns about potential customer loss and privacy breaches

Quebec’s mandatory vaccination passport is set to take effect within two weeks, so owners of companies such as gyms, bars and restaurants in the state are prepared for potential business implications. ..

Christian Dubé, Secretary of State for Health, issued official documents on August 10 and after September 1 as evidence that Quebécois were vaccinated with both doses of COVID-19 vaccine when accessing non-essential services and businesses. Announced that you will be asked to present.

Current, state Vaccine passports are not required for mandatory services such as schools. It is also not required as an employment standard.

Meanwhile, the federal government has announced that all federal workers and workers and passengers in the federal travel industry, including the aviation, rail and cruise ship sectors, will need to be vaccinated by October. did.

Some Quebec business owners are worried that this new policy will hurt their businesses in the midst of an economic recovery. At the same time, they are questioning the potential for infringement of individual rights.

Eugene Shuchuk, owner of the Montreal Martial Arts School Club Cossack, is worried about “controlling” new regulations on students because he believes that vaccination is a “personal choice.” Said.

Mr. Shuchuk expressed concern about how far the regulation would go and added that he felt that vaccination “if forced, would scare young children.” He said he had just resumed and that about 25 students were in school, about 15 of whom were unvaccinated.

“I … talked to people on the same side as me. [We now] The government says “listen, without this”, so you have to switch it on [vaccine passport] We shut everything down and give everyone a factor of fear, “he said.

On August 14, a large crowd marched on the Rene Levesque Boulevard in Montreal, protesting the vaccination passport.At least 10,000 people will participate in the demonstration, according to Facebook page Quebec de Bout, The group that hosted the event.

Shuchuk participated in the protest. “Of course, I’m happy because I think we have to repel, not violently, but if we just hit and succumb to this, I can’t say: , I express our opinion, “he said.

Policy “doesn’t make sense”

Peter Sergakis, head of Union destenanciers desbars du Québec, a union representing bar and restaurant owners, said: [the government] I’m doing it. “

“If it started on September 1, the timing isn’t right now, because unvaccinated and one-time vaccinated people can’t come to our facility,” Sergakis said. Stated. ..

“We don’t want to lose those people because we’re already hurt,” he added, adding that the policy would also require dedicated staff to check evidence of vaccination. “Not enough employees. Now we need to get employees to confirm. [the passports] At the door, we don’t want it. “

Sergakis added that the policy was “meaningless” as “requesting vaccination when you come to a restaurant and employees do not need to be vaccinated.”

The Quebec government said work to establish a passport system was “ongoing” and that the use of the document would depend on “changing epidemiological conditions and Quebec vaccination rates”.

The Epoch Times asked the Quebec Department of Health for comment, but did not respond.

Mark Vargas, manager of Gatineau’s restaurant Amazonas, said customers were worried that they wouldn’t be able to eat at the restaurant if the policy was developed for a variety of reasons, including difficulty getting a passport. He said he heard. ..

According to Vargas, small businesses such as restaurants can be more affected than large businesses, the number of customers will probably decline again, and staff may have to be dismissed shortly after rehiring. ..

“We are really really worried about our staff,” he said. “We try to keep them as long as possible, but if something we predict happens, we may have to shut it down again,” he said.

Vargas also pointed out personal privacy issues.

“I feel that the privacy of our customers is a bit compromised because it’s the customer’s choice to get vaccinated, but now we only have to choose those who have been vaccinated,” he says. I did.

“I really want the government to work closely together [with] Affected restaurants … Trained to keep everything safe, take all safety precautions. And I hope it will be easier and you won’t have to force anything on your customers. “

Andrew Chen