Queen Elizabeth stands alone while Prince Phillip rests

Windsor, England — Queen Elizabeth and her family paid the final tribute to Prince Phillip at a funeral on Saturday.

Elizabeth, wearing a black and white trimmed black mask, was taken down to the royal family by a 73-year-old husband in a worship attended by a senior royal family, including Prince Charles and his sons Prince William and Prince Harry. I was standing alone.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom arrives at the St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, England on April 17, 2021 for the funeral of Prince Phillip. (Pool via Victoria Jones / Reuters)

The Queen was placed alone at a ceremony at the St. George’s Chapel, with children, grandchildren, and a group of selected royal mourners separated by the rules of COVID-19.

“Today I remember Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, thanking you for his decisive faith and loyalty, high duty and integrity,” Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said in prayer. I mentioned in.

Philip, who married Elizabeth in 1947, died on April 9 at the age of 99. The 1997 Queen described Philip as the “strength and stay” of a decades-old marriage.

Prince Fip
Members of the Royal Cavalry Artillery will arrive at Windsor Castle on April 17, 2021, on the day of the funeral of Prince Philip of England, the husband of Queen Elizabeth in Windsor, England. (Phil Noble / Pool / Reuters)

Philip’s naval hat and sword were placed on the casket, which was covered by the personal standards of the Duke of Edinburgh, featuring the Danish coat of arms, the Greek cross, Edinburgh Castle, and the striped pattern of the Mount Battenberg family. It was.

White roses, lilies and jasmine garlands from the 94-year-old queen also decorated the casket.

Philip’s casket was taken to the chapel on a military green bespoke Land Rover Defender TD130 when the Minute Gun was fired eight times.

Due to continued coronavirus regulation in the UK, there were only 30 mourners in the chapel.

Philip is a WWII decorated British Navy veteran, his funeral was meticulously planned by the prince himself, and military personnel played an important role, giving him a strong military sense. I had it.

By Andrew MacAskill and Guy Faulconbridge

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