Queen marks 70 years on the throne

London (AP) — Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was not born to wear a crown. But her fate intervened.

The woman who became Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 70th anniversary on Sunday. This is an unprecedented rule that made her a symbol of stability as Britain survived uncertain times.

From the early days of a glittering tiara and glamorous young royal family to the recent incarnation of the country’s grandmother, the Queen has taken on the challenges posed by the end of the British Empire, the advent of multiculturalism, the rise of international terrorism, and Brexit. I have witnessed it. And the COVID-19 pandemic. In a world of constant change, she constantly represented Britain’s interests abroad, praised the country’s success, praised its failure, and remained beyond the political struggle.

That immutability should give Elizabeth a royal adjective like his predecessors, such as William the Conqueror, Edward the Confessor, and Alfred the Great, royal historian Hugo Vickers said.

“I always thought she should be called Elizabeth the Stedfast,” Vickers told The Associated Press. She didn’t necessarily expect to be a queen, and she accepted her duty. “

Born April 21, 1926, the second son of George V, the eldest daughter of Elizabeth, now 95, was expected to lead a minor royal life. She was like a dog and horse, a country house, a proper match — a comfortable but peaceful life — her future.

However, ten years later, his uncle Edward VIII abdicated and was able to marry an American divorced Wallis Simpson. Elizabeth’s father became George VI and revealed the heirs of her young princess.

George VI, who struggled to overcome stuttering, was portrayed in the 2010 movie The King’s Speech, but when he refused to leave London because of a bomb that fell early in World War II. , I was adored by the country.

Following his father, Elizabeth set an example, joining the Auxiliary Territory Army in early 1945 and joining the army as the first female member of the royal family to be a full-time active member. On her 21st birthday, she devoted her life to the nations and federations, a voluntary state association born of the British Empire.

“I declare before you that my life, whether long or short, is dedicated to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong,” she said. Said with radio addresses broadcast around the world.

In 1952, the young princess embarked on a federal tour on behalf of her sick father. She was in a remote Kenyan lodge. There she and her husband, Prince Phillip, saw a baboon from the top of the tree when they heard that her father had died.

She soon returned to London, dressed in black mourning, got off the plane, and began her life as a queen. She has reigned in crowns and scepters on great occasions since then, but more commonly she wears a wide-brimmed hat and has a simple purse.

In the meantime, over the 70 years, the Queen shared trust with 14 Prime Ministers and met 13 US Presidents.

Once a year, she travels about a mile from Buckingham Palace to the House of Lords for the opening ceremony of the Parliament. And when world leaders call, she hosts a state banquet. Meanwhile, her diamonds flash under the lights of the television, and the president and prime minister are worried about whether to bow and when to toast.

But giving the Queen a link to the masses is a less luxurious event.

At garden parties celebrating the service of everyone, from soldiers and charitable workers to longtime school librarians and crossing guards, guests wear a festive hat and tea to catch a glimpse of the Queen on the lawn outside Buckingham Palace. Drink. Her winners can find her in the distance because the public can find her in her crowd because she is said to prefer bright colors.

Then there’s the annual wreath in memory of those who died in conflict around the world, the opening of numerous schools that filled her days, hospice visits, and tours of the obstetrics ward.

Britain’s longest-serving prince is the only sovereign known to most British people to date, and Egypt’s seizure of the Suez Canal by Egypt through labor disputes in the 1980s and terrorism in 2005 in Britain. It was a constant presence from the 1956 Suez crisis, which emphasized the decline of power. Attack in London.

When Prince Phillip died during a pandemic, she wore a black face mask and sat alone during a socially distant funeral, quietly that the rules apply to everyone, especially her. Shown in.

“She isn’t being watched by voters. She doesn’t depend on her latest hits or her latest movies,” said Emily Nash, HELLO’s royal editor! magazine. “She’s just there. She does what she does. She does her job without complaining or making a personal drama. And people do her job. I respect you. “

It’s not without controversy.

In the early 1990s, criticism of the monarchy increased in the wake of reports of the Queen’s private property and concerns about the cost of the monarchy. In 1992, the Queen agreed to pay most of her family’s expenses, and she became the first monarch to pay income tax since the 1930s.

Tensions reignited in 1997 when the royal silence after the death of Princess Diana, Prince Charles’ ex-wife, fueled the resentment of many of Diana’s fans.

Even today, the monarchy struggles to stay away from the scandals caused by the sexual abuse proceedings filed against Prince Andrew, the Queen’s second son. Departed for their royal duty and California.

But the Queen transcends scandals and remains popular throughout, says Kelly Beaver, CEO of polling firm Ipsos UK, which has been tracking her popularity for decades.

“She’s part of this because she’s so synonymous with monarchy, which is something the British people are proud of,” Beaver said.

Still, social media commentator and writer Tiwa Adebayo, who inherited the charm of the monarchy from her grandmother, believes that young people want “more transparency.” She represents the Queen’s reign.

For the Queen, Sunday is likely to be bittersweet, demonstrating both her long reign and the 70th anniversary of her father’s death.

“I always thought that one of her philosophies, as you know, was that she wanted to be a really good daughter for her father and realize all her hopes for her.” Said Vickers. “And assuming there is her afterlife and they meet again, he will be able to thank her for doing just that.”