Queen Victoria is neither Hitler nor Stalin, and that’s important


When people like Queen Victoria destroy a statue, it was once dignified to the society they deny, so I want to leave it there as a sneaky monument to their utopian vision. I confess my urge to do so. It will make things worse like a “broken window” and encourage confusion and despair. However, it seems that it is proceeding that way anyway.

Before launching a diatribe against the Queen, Prime Minister, or subway station, I will mention the September 1990 economist’s “Daily Life of the Soviet Union” section. The announcer says, without ironic flicker, “and now for our daily summary of attacks on Lenin’s statues.” This reminds us of statues and statues, and for different reasons and ways to get rid of them.

Many people now seem to have a hard time remembering that Lenin’s statue was a cruelly reminiscent of the brutal alien ideology imposed by force, like Stalin and in fact Mao. .. While standing in one place, I would like to move others to a dedicated public site so that people can look at “Is it really that way?” After that, it trembles “again”. Auschwitz is today a museum with its infamous gate, as part of the Berlin Wall has been left behind.

In contrast, if there were Hitler statues in Germany, I would like them to be moved to the museum so that people do not gather there for a very wrong reason. Stalin wasn’t good, but Marxists are far ahead of the Nazis today. I think it’s partly a matter of the life of the administration. Lenin’s statue has been a “thing” for decades. But as always, Queen Victoria is neither Hitler nor Stalin, and that’s important.

Before discussing what she is, keep in mind that the removal of statues is generally a signal of revolution. When Iraq was released, people sadly moved on to less cheerful activities after pulling a cheerful and magnificent monument to Saddam Hussein. And at that moment, you will surely be tempted. But that’s not the case. We?

There was no official revolution. These protesters still claim the protection of the law created by those who destroyed the statue. If attacked in the middle of a smashdown, they will call the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or such costumes. The person who destroyed the Lenin statues, even if assaulted, “KGB! Help!” Except to show that some cheks were hitting them. And in Canada, the authorities appear to be part of the rebellion, so they are still protected.

Therefore, I avoid a long digression about the problematic statue. For example, in Gettysburg, where well-preserved battlefields appear to contain more monuments than across Canada, some are large and glamorous, while others are modest. With tremendous courage and patience … including those of the Confederates at the foot of the hill in honor of the men who fought and died for slavery.

Shall we destroy their statues and perhaps their bones and erase their memories forever? Or do they cry that they deserve a better cause, like too many people around the world throughout history?

Sure, what about Union soldiers? Undoubtedly, they were humans and a mixed bag of behavior, personality and motivation. But they won a big victory for freedom. With the exception of formal abolition, during the next century no true freedom, or much serious effort to secure it, was brought about. Would you like to destroy their statue, or the statue of Lincoln?

Some people explode chronic anger at the imperfections of all human beings other than themselves, past or present, and ensure that the rights and opinions of others do not interfere with their anger. This is exactly the psychological composition of the worst tyrant in history, the antithesis of freedom under the law. And why the mob is blaspheming what to do in Gettysburg.

Here in Canada, if we discuss this issue, we don’t know if we will stop honoring Queen Victoria. Her rules weren’t exactly a modern progressive dream. Consider her admiration for Sir Palmerston. All this talks about change, aren’t things already bad enough? But many of us may just admire her, allow her trespassing, and say that Pax Britannica and Habeas Corpus are obscuring the alternatives. Can not be plausibly condemned for racism, directly or inherited, including a large number of people who came here to escape truly disgusting regimes and oppressive practices, or went by recent ancestors Feeling guilty. (FYI My first Canadian ancestor arrived in 1907 and was from a very humble UK.) But we didn’t discuss it.

Instead, these statues have been destroyed, ignoring peace, order, and good government. And the authorities are colluding. Police do not even try to intervene in anticipation of elite uproar if they hurt the destroyer.

In that sense, the dirty, rusty, broken statue lying diagonally is a monument suitable for the ongoing process. But that’s still a bad idea.

John Robson is a documentary filmmaker, National Post columnist, Dorchester Review contributor editor, and Executive Director of Climate Discussion Nexus. His latest documentary is “Environment: True Story”.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

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