Queensland breaks vaccine obligations in most workplaces


The Queensland Government of Australia has abolished the COVID-19 vaccine requirement in many workplaces, including schools, day care centers, airports, prisons, nursing homes and facilities for the disabled.

“The restrictions that have protected us have been relaxed at a wise stage. Today, with the advice of the Chief Health Officer, we announce that we will remove some of the last remaining COVID restrictions.” She told Congress on Friday.

From 1 am on June 30th, most workplaces where only vaccinated staff are allowed to work will be open to everyone. This includes kindergartens, nurseries, juvenile training schools and airports.

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Health Minister Yvette Darth spoke at a press conference in Burleigh Heads, Australia on November 15, 2021. (Matt Roberts / Getty Images)

Queensland obligations continue to be enforced for workers in healthcare, hospitals, long-term care, and disability care facilities.

Private employers such as schools, day care, prisons and airports may also continue to impose obligations as needed.

“As we move to the next stage of the pandemic, we will adjust our approach in relation to mandatory immunization,” Queensland Health Minister Yvette Darth said in a statement.

Most PCR tests and fever clinics will also be closed, according to D’Ath, but people should use a rapid antigen test to see if they are infected with the virus. A few state-owned facilities will continue to be provided.

“If the test is positive, you need to be isolated and stay home while you have acute respiratory symptoms,” she said.

Vaccine requirements removed in other states

Meanwhile, an unvaccinated teacher in New South Wales You may also be allowed to return In the classroom from next month.

Georgina Harrisson, Secretary-General of the New South Wales Department of Education, said about 1,000 employees who resigned or retired due to non-compliance with vaccine obligations could reapply to return to school.

This move is welcomed as Australia’s current winter creates staffing stress throughout the sector.

“Currently, like all employers, an unprecedented number of staff are being called ill because of COVID-19 and the flu,” she said.

The obligation for additional vaccination in Victoria will also be lifted for workers in the field of education, food distribution and quarantine, and vaccination policies will be decided at the discretion of the individual workplace.

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