Queensland builds regional quarantine hub


The Queensland Government builds a purposeful regional COVID-19 quarantine facility in Wellcamp, Toowoomba, with John Wagner in Billionaire, and provides 1,000 beds to ease pressure on the hotel’s quarantine system. Announced that it has signed a contract to do so.

This happens within 24 hours after Queensland’s Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek closed the border for two weeks due to pressure on the hotel’s quarantine system.

The first 500 beds will be ready by the end of the year and the remaining 500 beds will be ready by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

According to Palaszcuk, the hotel was not built to deal with a delta strain of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as the new coronavirus.

“We need a local quarantine facility. I’ve been advocating this for a long time. It’s not easy,” she says. Told reporters From Toowoomba on Thursday, she said work had already begun.

“Howard Springs is a great example. You’ve seen our Olympic athletes come back and stay there. It’s spreading. It’s fresh air for people. You need to stay in a room without a balcony. there is no.

“I quarantined the hotel myself. There is a constant flow of people going up and down in the elevator.

“Our hotel wasn’t meant to be the last line of defense to deal with a pandemic,” said Premier.

Epoch Times Photo
Australian Olympic athletes (left to right) Kiah Melverton, Chelsea Hodges, Molly O’Callahan and Meg Harris after 14 days of forced quarantine in Howard Springs, Northern Territory, Brisbane, Australia, in August Take a photo at Brisbane Airport. 17th 2021. (Jono Searle / Getty Images)

The Queensland Government will fund the wellcamp facility after it fails to obtain federal funding. Instead, the Commonwealth is funding a 1,000-bed facility near Brisbane’s international airport on the outskirts of Pinkenba.

The Commonwealth signed a contract for a Pinkenba facility with the Queensland Government in June after Parashek’s Well Camp proposal failed to meet federal requirements for a purposeful quarantine facility.

The prime minister said the cost of the well camp facility was “much cheaper” than the federal Pinkemba facility, but refused to elaborate on the deal, saying it was confident and commercial.

Palaszcuk said she had been seeking a Wellcamp facility since January. “It may have been built so far, but the facility will be operational by the end of the year.”

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Parashek had the freedom to build a well camp facility for months.

“She was free to do it for months,” Morrison said. Told reporters In Canberra on Thursday.

“They should have been able to do it a few months earlier.”

Wagner Corporation will build a facility with accommodation modules manufactured in Queensland. The Queensland Government will operate the facility once it is operational.

John Wagner said his side and the Queensland Government are working on final design criteria to ensure that the facility is the best possible.

He said he would provide local work during the construction and operation stages, including staff serving at least 3,000 meals a day.

Caden Pearson