Queensland Closes Border Between Australians and Residents Exempt from Blockade

Queensland, Australia, has addressed residents of its own country currently on the interstate highway and those who will escape blockages in other states from noon on August 25, due to capacity issues related to hotel quarantine2. Announced to close the border for a week.

The announcement was made within two hours of the border closing.

From noon on August 25th, admission to Queensland and hotel quarantine will not be allowed for two weeks, except for those with tax exemptions for compassionate reasons.

“Queensland is dyingly loved,” said Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parasekuk. “I was overwhelmed by the new arrivals from the interstate highway that relocated to Queensland to escape the blockades of New South Wales and Victoria.

“We allowed a genuine relocation for work or other purposes, but it overwhelmed our hotel and must be stopped for at least the next two weeks,” she said. ..

This includes Queensland residents who currently live on interstate highways. “They can still go home. This pause is only two weeks,” she says. Told reporters August 25th.

She added, “I want them to go home,” but I wanted it to be “in order.”

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A barricade on Dixon Street in Coolangatta, Australia, July 22, 2020. (Matt Roberts / Getty Images)

The prime minister said more than 5,000 people are currently quarantined at 22 hotels in Queensland.

In addition, she said her state is helping the federal migration of people from Afghanistan. “I’ve been called to need additional abilities to deal with it,” she told reporters on August 25.

“We are at the limit. In the last two weeks, everything will be easier.”

According to Paraschuk, Queensland police and state health officials have called it a two-week “pause” because Australians are having a hard time dealing with the arrival of the interstate highway. He said he came up with an idea.

New arrivals and Queensland residents will need to reapply for a border pass.

Queensland Health Minister Yvette Dat said the measure was about keeping Queensland safe. “The pressure on hotel quarantine is simply unsustainable,” she said, adding that she never knew how many domestic arrivals they would make each day.

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