Queensland Closes Borders With Seven Sydney Virus Hotspot Areas

The Queensland Government has declared seven COVID hotspots in neighboring New South Wales (NSW) as the number of CCP virus clusters has increased to 21.

As a result, from 1 am on Thursday, June 24, Queensland will close its borders with people in Sydney’s next municipality.

  • Sydney city
  • Wool hara
  • Bayside
  • Canada Bay
  • Inner West
  • Randwick

“As we know, this Delta variant is much more infectious than other variants,” Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek told reporters Wednesday. “We have serious concerns.”

A new Sydney cluster will emerge as Queensland prepares to lift further virus restrictions on Friday.

“We can’t afford to bring this variant of the Delta to our community,” Premier said, adding that he followed in the footsteps of Victoria and closed the border with certain local governments.

“People need to be prepared that this advice may need to be updated if it becomes more prevalent in New South Wales,” she added.

Paraschuk also said authorities believed that the spread of Delta variants at the Novotel hotel used for quarantine in Queensland was the result of quarantine guests leaving the door open.

“I emphasize, we need to quarantine the area,” she said.

In Queensland, a new locally acquired case of COVID-19, a disease caused by the CCP virus, has not been recorded, but a hotel quarantine detected a case of a delta variant.

This story is developing.

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