Queensland continues to negotiate with federal government over Toowoomba’s regional quarantine

Queensland’s Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek has accused the Prime Minister of “cherry picking” because the federal government did not approve a regional quarantine plan in Toowoomba, the state’s largest inland city.

The debate over the quarantine proposal was a continuing issue for Parashek. However, there was little movement from the federal government.

“We will continue to file proceedings with the federal government, but there is a bit more choice between what the federal government likes and dislikes,” Parasekuk said Wednesday.

“(Prime Minister Scott Morrison) No further details needed … The threshold question here is whether to allow the plane to land at the airport, yes or no?”

Wagner Corporation states that it has provided the federal government with all the information it needs to build a quarantine facility that can accommodate 1,000 tourists and 300 staff. Still, the Morrison government said the plan lacked details.

“They won’t tell you how much it will cost,” Morrison told ABC Radio on Tuesday.

“How does it work? Who operates it? Where does the workforce come from? Who is performing infection control procedures or where are security personnel coming from? Establish all of this is needed.

“But like the New South Wales government, the Victorian government is working with us,” he said, with Victoria’s proposal to build a quarantine facility about 40km north of Melbourne and returning international students to college. I mentioned NSW’s plan.

“They don’t do it as a kind of political show … they just work with us, and I encourage the Queensland Government to do the same.”

Morrison said the federal government was also concerned about the state’s plans to land an international airliner at Well Camp Airport and the response this development would bring from the Toowoomba local community.

“The plane isn’t flying there. They fly to Brisbane,” he told Shaw.

“That’s why the Victorian proposal is so much better. It’s actually in Melbourne, right next to the hospital. This allows us to attract employees to the proposal.”

“The people of Toowoomba don’t want that either. The community I have not participated in this proposal“He said, referring to Clive Berghofer, a businessman and former politician who openly opposed the Wagner family’s plans.