Queensland Labor Rep resigns “with the heaviest heart” due to cancer

Queensland Parliamentarian Duncampeg has announced that he will resign from state politics to focus on health and cancer treatment.

A member of Stretton gave his last speech in Congress on Thursday, where he said it was “with the heaviest heart” that he would resign in the coming weeks.

“I’ve been fighting cancer since 2019. I’ve been fighting this fight with 30,000 Queenslanders and 130,000 Australians diagnosed each year,” he told Congress.

“Based on my recent medical advice, I can no longer fight cancer or fight for my community in a way that suits my community.”

In an excerpt published by The Courier-Mail, Mr. Peg said he did not want to leave politics or stop representing “the community I love.”

“But I know the decision to resign is correct,” he said.

“Sure, it’s the only decision that’s true to my values ​​and work ethic.

“It’s sad to leave this place right away, but I’m grateful that I’ve created many wonderful memories and accomplished a lot both locally and throughout the state.”

Peg used part of his speech to discuss support for euthanasia.

Following the speech, Peg published a handwritten letter on Twitter to Congressional stationery.

“It’s an honor to represent the area where I lived in almost all of my adult life,” he said. I have written..

Mr. Peg said he was proud of everything he and his community had achieved during his tenure and valued friendships with many in the process.

Peg was first elected in 2015 and first announced in 2019 that he would be treated for a common type of cancer.

He received the Queensland Public Services Award from the Queensland Cross-Cultural Association for his 2017 community activities.

Prior to being elected to Congress, Mr. Peg worked as a lawyer with a focus on employment and insurance law.

His resignation would cause by-elections, but his voters were considered “safe” seats for workers, increasing their margin by 5 points to 14.8 in the October 2020 elections.