Queensland may mandate restrictions banning unvaccinated areas

Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parashek, in accordance with other states, may require unvaccinated people to be restricted through health orders and may ban access to venues and facilities within the next few months. ..

This is because the Australian state is preparing to lift restrictions on fully vaccinated people in line with plans to reopen the state on December 17.

“What we see in the future across Australia will be some measures to ensure that only vaccinated people can go to specific locations until vaccination levels are consistent across the country. “She says. Told reporters On Friday.

“Currently, it is found in New South Wales and Victoria.

“I don’t want to anticipate what’s happening in Queensland, but I can see businesses doing so. For example, young people say,” You can only come here if you’re vaccinated. You can see a large festival like “I can do it”.

“So it’s in everyone’s interest to get vaccinated.”

From 1 November, the states and territories began to lift COVID-19 restrictions on international and domestic travel in line with national plans.

However, Queensland instead chose to follow its own plans to maintain some restrictions longer based on vaccination rates, but other states withdrew them.

Queensland’s interstate border remains closed until December 17. However, international arrivals will still need to be quarantined until the state reaches the 90% immunization milestone.

International arrivals in New South Wales and Victoria must prove that they have received the vaccine approved by the Therapeutic Goods Department and pass the COVID-19 PCR test before boarding the flight.

Currently, only Australian citizens, permanent residents, their close relatives, some New Zealanders, and those with the appropriate visa are allowed to fly from abroad to Australia.

Overall, 66.3% of eligible Queenslanders are fully vaccinated and 79.1% are vaccinated once.

However, indigenous immunization rates have been delayed in the state, with 52% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders over the age of 16 being vaccinated once and 38.9% being fully vaccinated.

Queensland opposition leader David Cloncurry said more needs to be done.

He called on the government to improve access to vaccines and go to indigenous communities to stimulate jabs.

“We need to give people the confidence to get a jab, and I’ve seen some of the nonsense on social media, and it’s through these indigenous communities,” he said. rice field.

AAP contributed to this report.

Caden Pearson


Caden Pearson is an Australian-based reporter with a background in screen writing and documentary. Contact him at [email protected]