Queensland Police Investigate Mysterious COVID-19 Incident


Queensland is working on another mysterious case of COVID-19 as police squeezed an infected pair accused of lying about their move.

The Gold Coast and Brisbane remain vigilant after spending time in both communities while all three cases are infected.

The only incident reported on Monday is a mystery. A man in his 40s who was tested positive 14 days after a hotel quarantine after a trip to China.

The man returned three negative tests during quarantine in Brisbane and returned to his Gold Coast home on July 12.

The next day, he and his family became ill. Then they went to the doctor for a test and the man returned a positive result on Sunday.

So far, no one else in the family has been positive, but the incident has been reported in Queensland, including Parkwood’s Goodstart Early Learning Center, various eateries, Pacific Fair Shopping Center, and Westfield Helensvale’s Kmart. The list of exposed sites has been greatly expanded.

Chief Health Officer Janet Young is currently waiting for a genomic sequencing to let her know if a man has picked up the virus abroad, during hotel quarantine, or on the Gold Coast.

Anyone staying on the Gold Coast or Brisbane since July 13th is encouraged to regularly check the list of ever-growing exposure sites.

Dr. Young said he hopes the risk is low. However, she also noted a series of tests showing increased viral load in men, suggesting that he was at the onset of his illness.

“We take a very cautious approach because there are so many unknowns here … and people who have been to any of those sites are asking us to contact us.” She said.

Some of the exposed sites listed on the Gold Coast and Brisbane are related to two other concerns. A Brisbane-based flight attendant and a New South Wales man accused of traveling with her to Queensland illegally leaving Sydney.

Both have been investigated for violations of health orders in Queensland, and Queensland police are working with New South Wales counterparts on alleged violations there.

The man was accused of flying from Sydney to Ballina on July 14, despite being told to quarantine because he was in close contact with the New South Wales case.

He caught the virus, drove to Ballina, handed it to the flight attendant who picked him up, and returned to Queensland, where the pair was active in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

On Monday, Deputy Police Secretary Steve Gorshuski said police had to resort to a “formal” process to be interviewed directly with the flight attendant who brought the lawyer.

When asked if she was supportive, he said: “Not perfect, not the first, she wasn’t.”

“There was a process to get that information and we have it now,” he said.

“We are doing it with men now.”

He said some of the information provided to the authorities proved to be inaccurate.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think you’ll be fined if you lie to the police.”

Queensland did not record a new case of COVID-19 in hotel quarantine on Monday.

A complete list of Queensland exposure sites can be found at http://www.health.qld.gov.au/tracing.