Quickly track vaccinated arrivals from Heathrow Airport

Arriving passengers line up at UK Border Control at Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport in London.

Passengers arriving will line up at UK Border Control at Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport in London.

Two of the world’s largest airlines will try Fast Track Lane at Heathrow Airport for a fully vaccinated arrival.

This system allows passengers from some countries to upload their vaccination status before boarding.

The trial by British Airways and Virgin Atlantic takes place when the aviation industry demands an unquarantine trip from a country on the low-risk amber list to the United Kingdom.

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps will announce such a plan this week.

The move will take place just days after the UK government announces that most blockades in the UK will be eased from 19 July.

Earlier this week, Health Minister Sajid Javid renewed his international travel legislators on “the need for fully vaccinated arrivals to be isolated when returning from a country on the amber list.” Said to remove.

However, as the number of cases continues to grow in the UK, health experts emphasize that no vaccine is 100% effective.

Currently, the most popular vacation destinations are on the amber list. This means that people need to be quarantined for up to 10 days after returning to the UK.

The trial is scheduled to begin this weekend and is fully vaccinated, with passengers traveling on selected flights from Athens, Los Angeles, Montego Bay and New York to Heathrow providing evidence of vaccination status. Can be shown.

Participants will have access to a dedicated arrival lane on the UK border.

The trial is expected to allow airlines and airports to check vaccine status far from the border, reducing pressure on the UK Immigration Bureau.

The exam accepts internationally recognized vaccination credentials such as NHS apps, CDC cards, US state-level digital certificates, and EU digital Covid certificates.

John Holland Kay, Chief Executive Officer of Heathrow Airport, told the BBC Today Program: They have already been vaccinated.

“Trials starting later this week can demonstrate that people can do it safely by checking 100% of double vaccinations before boarding the plane.”

British Airways CEO and Chairman Shawn Doyle added that he was “confident” that the trial would be successful.

“We look forward to providing data that proves that it is easy to confirm fully vaccinated status and fulfilling the government’s commitment to move the country back,” he said.

Virgin Atlantic’s CEO, Shy Weiss, said the trial “would swiftly implement new policies and work with governments and authorities to help reopen the transatlantic corridor without it. , 23 million people are lost daily from the UK economy. “

In a joint statement, the two companies stated that the UK “leaded the world in successful vaccine programs” but “economically and socially” in other countries that are accepting fully vaccinated people without need. I didn’t enjoy the rewards, “he added. quarantine.

Rule change “genocide”

Meanwhile, changes to the self-quarantine rules for fully vaccinated people in the UK have been postponed until 16 August, raising concerns from some Tory lawmakers and businesses.

From that day on, British people who received two coronavirus jabs will no longer need to self-quarantine if close contact is positive for Covid.

The British hospitality of the trade association said the move did not happen immediately, highlighting the “genocide” caused by the current system.

Former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith told the telegram:

“I still don’t have six around the table and I don’t go to pubs that are socially distant, or I risk everyone in the pub being pinged and locked down.”

An additional 28,773 cases were reported across the UK on Tuesday, with 37 deaths within 28 days of the positive test.

According to Health Minister Sajid Javid, the number of new infections can reach 100,000 per day during the summer.

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