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South Korea hints at banning dog meat

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said it may be necessary to ban dog meat consumption amid growing awareness of controversial practices and animal rights. Dog meat, though less common than it used to be, is mainly eaten by the elderly, offered in some restaurants and available for purchase in certain markets. To increase their popularity, some presidential applicants have been urging South Korea to close restaurants and markets that sell dog meat in recent weeks, especially as dogs have become popular as pets. Promised to ban dog meat. A poll released by the Animal Welfare Group This month’s perception was that 78% of respondents believed that the production and sale of dog and cat meat should be banned. 49% supported the ban. Another study by research firm Realmeter found that people were divided on whether the government should ban dog meat, but 59% were concerned about dog slaughter for human consumption. Supported legal regulations. Occupations, saying their livelihoods are at stake.