Rabbi calls on new Israeli coalition to reconsider ties with Chinese regime

Haifa, Israel – In a letter to the new Israeli coalition bloc, 25 rabbis called for a review of Israeli-Chinese relations in light of the crimes committed by the Chinese regime.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog on November 13 ordered Benjamin Netanyahu to form the next coalition with nationalist and religious parties following the November 1 elections.

Netanyahu will have 28 days to form a coalition, and another 14 days if needed.

The 25th National Assembly, the Israeli parliament, took the oath of office on November 16.

“Shocking Murder Campaign”

Among the signatories to the November 15 letter are rabbis from most religious Zionist denominations.

The rabbi pointed out that the Chinese government has committed serious crimes against the Chinese people and citizens around the world. They listed his COVID pandemic that could have been suppressed early on. And to other minorities, all this clearly reveals the evil face of the CCP regime. “

The Epoch Times reviewed letters written in Hebrew.

The rabbi said the Chinese regime strongly supports Israel’s worst enemies and terrorist organizations like Iran.

The rabbi urged the new coalition to “seriously consider continuing cooperation with this administration in many key areas until there can be no doubt that they have stopped acting.”

They stipulate that cooperation in security areas must cease, including the training of Chinese police, the transfer of Israeli technology that could be used against Chinese people, and organ transplants and other medical treatments. called for all cooperation between Israel and China in relation to The problem should be prohibited by law.

Formally and publicly denouncing the communist regime, they said in the letter, “because it is the State of Israel’s duty as a Jewish nation and because we are human beings with human morals.”

‘We must protest’

“Organ harvesting in China is a scandal like no other,” Rabbi Azriel Ariel, one of the signatories, told the Epoch Times, adding that in his opinion, “under these circumstances, China He added that he should not “get a transplant.”

Azriel said Israel must not ignore these crimes when formulating its foreign policy. He is the rabbi of his community of Athereth in Binjamin, Samaria, and the director of the Achaba Center for Jewish Social Policy.

Rabbi Shlomo Abina, Director of the Institute of Education Ateret Yershalaiim, said: interview On the Hebrew channel of NTD News.

“We are a small country. We can’t fix the whole world, but what we can do, we have to protest. We have to protest,” Abiner said. “You cannot build a nation on an immoral foundation.

“We need the economy, we definitely need security, but we also need basic morality.”

Abiner said it was not the first time he had expressed condemnation of the Chinese Communist regime.

He previously signed an international petition calling for an end to China’s regime. ENDCCP.com.

“We are talking about an evil government,” he said. “Chinese people suffer so much. Millions of people suffer from abuse, deportation, imprisonment and even murder.

“It’s not a political party, it’s not a government, it’s a terrorist organization that has been ruling brutally for over 70 years,” he said. “That is why the signatories to the petition to end the Communist Party of China are indeed right.”

Leah Onelly


Lia Onely reports from Israel for The Epoch Times.