Rabies fox bites two people in North Carolina and hits a club with a hammer during the 911 call

Animal management and media reports reported that the two were attacked on Wednesday after approaching a fox in North Carolina. The fox later tested positive for rabies.

Guilford County Animal Care Department said men and women I was bitten by my arm and leg WFMY reported in Greensboro around 6:30 pm. Both were taken to the hospital and vaccinated against rabies.

According to the television station, the fox was killed with a hammer before the police arrived, and Animal Control took it to the test. Results returned positive for rabies on Friday.

WXII reported that an incident had occurred 600 blocks of Coronado Drive, Mainly residential areas in western Greensboro.

According to the television station, the victims were outside when they “heard a fox whining nearby.”

WGHP reported that at least four people were walking on the sidewalk when they encountered the fox and started recording the video. They told the TV station that the fox saidSweet acting And I need help. “

According to the WGHP, that was when the fox attacked.

On the 911 phone obtained by the press, two people are bitten and one hears the voice of a person saying “blood is overflowing.”

According to the WGHP, the dispatcher replied, “You need to stay away from the fox.”

Later, the caller said someone was trying to keep the fox in check, the TV station reported.

“Don’t hold down the fox. I don’t want others to bite you,” said the coordinator. “There is a way to trap it and you can do it safely, but don’t try to curb it just because it’s a risk of another bite.”

According to WFMY, someone in the group started hitting the fox with a sledgehammer.

“I know they said they were hitting the fox with a hammer, but to test for rabies, you need to make sure that the fox’s head isn’t badly damaged. By doing so, the fox Must have access to the mouth, “the dispatcher said accordingly.

Shortly thereafter, a park ranger arrived.

Raccoons, foxes, skunks, bats The most common spreader for rabies In this area, according to the Guilford County Animal Care Agency.

If you are bitten or exposed to a rabies animal, wash the wound with soap and water and see a doctor immediately. Animal control said the rabies vaccine was successful when it was started “immediately after bite or exposure.” However, rabies can be fatal if left untreated.

Animal management recommends avoiding “strange and sick animals” rather than “approaching or playing with all kinds of wildlife”.

“Enjoy wildlife from afar,” said the county office.

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