Racist and misogynistic attitudes in UK-Pakistani community led to ‘industrial rape’: expert

LONDON — Racist and misogynistic attitudes within the UK’s Pakistani community have led to the “industrial rape” of more than 1,000 white girls, and little has been done to address these beliefs. Events hosted by campaign groups don’t divide us Told Thursday night.

In April, Greater Manchester Police apologized for failing to protect a girl who was abused by a male gang from the predominantly Pakistani community who abused underage girls in Rochdale.

Last month, Conservative Party president-elect Rishi Sunak described the Rochdale grooming gang’s activities as a “heinous crime” and said he would create new crimes to tackle it.

The grooming gang, which also operates in Rotherham, Oxford, Huddersfield and Telford, reported last month that sexual exploitation of children was “on the rise” for 30 years.

Anglo-Pakistani journalist and commentator Khadija Khan said at the event: … Some men defended these criminals by saying, “They are from different cultures.” They don’t understand these things,” the official shrugged.

Hadeep Singh, deputy director of the Sikh Network, initially refrained from speaking at an event in London on Thursday for fear of being exposed to Islamophobic accusations, but said: Stated. of tension against the race. It encouraged the perpetrator. ”

Rotherham Grooming Gang
An undated photo of six men convicted of sexually abusing an underage girl in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, November 2018. (National Crime Agency)

Singh said the term Islamophobia was used to close the discussion, saying in 2011 that reporters Andrew Norfolk A man from Pakistan was the first to break the story of grooming and abusing girls in Rotherham.

“If it wasn’t for Andrew Norfolk, we would never have known about the industrial rape that continues.”

Shin read an excerpt from the book, let me go Kaitlyn SpencerThe grooming gang survivor said:they called me white [expletive] and white [expletive] And I said this is what white girls are for.

He is also another survivor, Dr. Ella Hillidentified “anti-white racism” as the motive for the abuse she suffered in Rotherham.

Singh also read an excerpt from Judge Gerald Clifton’s ruling (pdf) told the perpetrators at the 2012 Rochdale Grooming Gang trial:

“Non-Muslim girls were called heathen white trash”

Khan said: Non-Muslim girls were called white scum or infidels. ”

However, she said it would be wrong to think that these men treated Muslim women with respect within the Pakistani community.

“Those who obey and keep the line will survive. Shafiria Ahmedwas murdered by his parents in Bradford in 2003.

Khan said: …women are not treated equally. Sharia councils are not recognized as legal, but they are a parallel legal system. If you challenge the Sharia Council, you are considered to challenge the Word of God. ”

Rakib Ehsan, a writer and senior data analyst at the Center for Social Justice, said part of the problem was that authorities treated the Pakistani community as a “monolith” rather than a collection of individuals. .

“This attitude of treating the group as a whole is very problematic. It’s a bias of low expectations. Thinking you offend the whole group,” he said.

Ehsan said:

Undoubtedly, some British-Pakistani men viewed white girls as “fair game,” and that attitude persisted, he said.

Epoch Times photo
Grooming gang members Adil Khan (left) and Kali Abdul Rauf (Greater Manchester Police) photographed after being arrested in Rochdale, England in 2010

Singh believes the abuse has not stopped and is still continuing in towns and cities above and below the country.

he said: Maggie Oliver [a detective who resigned from the police to expose the Rochdale scandal] It tells me that this is still going on. Survivors know it’s going on. It has not gone as far as the authorities would like us to believe. Current problem. ”

Singh has said in the past that the police and councils in places like Rochdale and Rotherham “made the wrong decision to sacrifice these girls at the altar of political correctness.”

“But it’s ongoing, in towns and cities across the country,” Singh added.

Khan said authorities and the media had mistakenly assumed that all Pakistanis in the UK were Muslim zealots, even as militants protested outside the school. batryWest Yorkshire, Last year, when a teacher showed a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad in a classroom, a group of British Pakistani mothers were writing an open letter to the school calling for his reinstatement.

Survivors: Pakistani communities are not the only ones to blame

Spencer told the Epoch Times in a direct message on Twitter: There were also white British men and women, an Italian, at least one of her Indian Sikhs, and people of various backgrounds who were involved in the abuse of mine and that of several other girls. I know they are still actively abusing other girls as they specifically told me. I don’t think the Pakistani community alone has the responsibility to deal with it. ”

She added: Therefore, they are not ignoring the issue of sex trafficking. I know there are certain groups that are pushing that agenda and focusing solely on Pakistani abusers, but our stories often get twisted and where white abusers are completely ignored. Its message is that white abusers can go completely unnoticed and, as a result, Pakistani men can go completely unnoticed, but human trafficking victims may occur. ”

The Epoch Times has reached out to the Home Office but has not yet received a response.

Chris Summers


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