Racist black girl dies of suicide in Utah school district

Tichenor family via GoFundMe

Tichenor family via GoFundMe

A 10-year-old black girl who was a student in a Utah school district that was the subject of a federal racist investigation said they were an unanswered phone call to hang her head over the weekend and deal with bullying. I remained distraught.

The girl’s mother, Brittany Tichener, said she had “many times” contacted the Davis school district to discuss how her daughter Isabella was abused by her peers after she started fifth grade just a few months ago. I did.Through sobbing, Tichenor Press conference A relentless teasing that her daughter, one of the few black students at Foxborough Elementary School, has endured without the help of a school administrator.

“Even if my baby is gone, I’ll make sure I’m short for Izzy,” Tishener said on Monday. “And for voices that don’t sound like her, I’ll make sure this never happens to any child.”

NS Salt Lake Tribune First reported Within months of the start of the new school year, Isabella’s tragic death, also autistic.

On Saturday, Tishener said he was talking to his daughter about writing a book report before Isabella died. Tikenor had prepared markers and colored pencils to help, and she told her that the girl kissed her cheek and loved her before she entered her room. Meanwhile, Tikenor said he was a little immersed in the garage and less than 10 minutes had passed before the other two children found Isabella hanging in the closet.

About a month after starting school, the daughter greets “all other children” in the class, but tells her that she doesn’t think the teacher likes her because she ignores Isabella. ..

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Tishener told the story that her daughter was also teased, and that other children began to tease her after the teacher complained during class that the students smelled bad. Claimed it was Isabella. Comments urged girls to carry fragrances to schools for distribution as perfumes, Tichenor said.

NS GoFundMe page The title “Stand for Izzy” was created to raise money to celebrate her life.

Tichenor said no effort was made to speak to school district officials who claimed to have addressed concerns with the principal. She said her seven-year-old daughter, one of Isabella’s brothers, was called N Ward in September.

This is not the first time a racist allegation has been leveled against a school district. In September, it said it would do Ban teachers from displaying LGBTQ pride and Black Lives Matter flags On the premises of a classroom or school, I wanted to remain “neutral” on the topic of so-called culture war.

And a month ago Abominable report by the U.S. Department of Justice School officials “Intentionally indifferent” For racial harassment. The findings came out last month after a two-year survey of how the Davis school district recorded “hundreds” of incidents in dozens of schools between 2015 and 2020. A physical attack was used, but school officials were ineffective and made the subject “vulnerable to continued harassment,” according to a letter issued to the district’s legal counsel Benjamin Onofrio. The report found.

After the Justice Department’s investigation began, students at Creekside Elementary School, another school in the district, Dressed in Hitler’s mustache-bearing Nazi costume For the 2019 Halloween Parade. School principals and teachers then took paid leave.

Investigators said an investigation under Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 found a “permanent failure” to respond to reports of racial harassment by district employees and other students. .. The Department of Justice left a takeaway message to black and Asian-American students, who make up only about 1% of the approximately 73,000 students enrolled in the area, that the area “accepted action.” news release last month.

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“Wide racial harassment and other forms of racism in public schools violate the Constitution’s most basic commitment to equal protection,” said Christen, Assistant Secretary of Justice of the Civil Rights Division. Clark said when he announced a settlement to remedy the district’s racial harassment problem. “This agreement will help create the institutional changes needed to keep black and Asian American students safe. Students and schools no longer tolerate racial discrimination at school. I look forward to showing it to the community. “

However, in the weeks since the report was deleted, it remains unclear how the report’s findings were developed.

District officials refused to answer The Daily Beast’s question about what actions to take to address the issue of racism at Isabella’s school.

Shauna Lund, the district’s community overseer, issued the following statement instead: Our hearts are directed towards our families. Foxboro Elementary works extensively with families and will continue to provide support to families and others affected by this tragedy. We take all cases and reports of bullying seriously. At this point, the incident we know involved another student. Teachers and government responded promptly and appropriately. As with all allegations of bullying, our investigation will continue. “

If you or your loved one is suffering from suicidal ideation, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK (8255)) or send a text message to TALK with 741741 to contact Crisis TextLine. please.

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