Radical climate change protesters vow to publicly tone down destructive tactics

The UK branch of the climate change activist group has vowed to downplay radical tactics like sticking to famous paintings and blocking roads.

Extinction Rebellion UK (XR) Said In a January 1 statement titled “We will stop” publicly to stop destructive actions in order to make the campaign to urgently combat climate change more inclusive.

“We will ring in the new year with controversial resolutions and temporary avoidance of public disruption as our primary tactic. We believe that tactics are the necessary approach.

They acknowledged that “very little has changed” in four years of publicizing increases in emissions and warned that the climate continues to worsen.

Ecoradical groups block major roads and bridges in central London, stick to paintings, block oil terminals to disrupt fuel supplies, smash windows at Barclays Bank headquarters in Canary Wharf, and spray fake blood. I did a stunt such as doing. Ministry of Finance.

Eco Radical Group Wants To Attract The Mainstream

The group also hopes to broaden its appeal to attract more mainstream support, rather than alienating people through attention-grabbing behavior.

Rather than being deterred by the threat of prison sentences, XR said it wanted to encourage more people to participate in public protests.

“What is most needed now is to destroy the abuses and imbalances of power and bring about a transition to a just society working together to end the fossil fuel age. We are drowning in , bloating our profits, and we can’t do that without pressure.”

XR said it would focus on increasing its numbers and building bridges with other environmental groups to increase its power and influence.

“We must be radical in our response to this crisis and resolute in our efforts to address the climate and environmental emergency, even if that means taking a different approach than before. It must be done,” the statement continued.

“At a time when speaking up and acting is criminalized, building collective power, increasing numbers and building bridges to thrive is a radical act.”

UK Parliament set to impose tougher laws banning subversive activist actions

Congress has passed new laws that make it more difficult for groups to perform devastating stunts such as cutting off transportation networks or jamming fuel supplies, and has given police more power to contain and prevent them. It is expected to give great powers.

XR also said in a statement about its new approach that the group is “committed to including everyone in this work and leaving no one behind. Everyone has a role to play.” It is.”

“This year, I will prioritize attendance over arrests, and relationships over obstacles.

“This cannot be done alone, it is the responsibility of all of us, not just one group. It may be uncomfortable or difficult, but the strength of all social, environmental and justice movements is to work together. Yes,’ said the group.

The Extinction Rebellion is planning to surround the Houses of Parliament in Westminster with 100,000 people from April 21st.

“Having a large crowd around the Capitol every day means we can leave behind keys, glue and paint and instead demonstrate our trust in a critical mass of people to create moments that cannot be ignored.” said XR in the invitation.

Meanwhile, XR’s two spin-off groups, Just Stop Oil and Insulate Britain, have not made clear whether they intend to follow in their parent’s footsteps and focus more on dialogue than chaos.

Just Stop Oil has faced heavy criticism from fellow activist groups for refusing to allow ambulances through the blockade.

Brian Jung

Bryan S. Jung is a New York City resident with a background in politics and the legal industry. He graduated from Binghamton University.