“Radical Left Madness:” Trump greets Easter by seizing election defeat and attacking political rivals

Washington- Former President Donald Trump He marked the weekend of Easter by attacking his political opponents, making false claims about elections, and demanding boycotts of Major League Baseball and other businesses against the new Georgian election law.

“Happy Easter for everyone, including the radical left-wing crazy who wants to cheat our presidential election and destroy our country!” Trump said in writing early Sunday.

There is no evidence that someone was “injustice” in last year’s elections. Political analysts say Trump continues to justify his loss to President Joe Biden and promote false ideas to raise money for another possible presidential election in 2024. It was.

“Former President Trump with a grudge and anger Easter Sunday message,” tweeted political commentator David Fulham.

Trump issued a series of similar messages throughout the weekend, triggered by a major league decision to move this summer’s All-Star game from Atlanta for apparently Georgia’s controversial new election law.

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President Donald Trump will be suspended on Tuesday, August 20, 2019, during a meeting with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis in the White House's Oval Office in Washington.

President Donald Trump will be suspended on Tuesday, August 20, 2019, during a meeting with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis in the White House’s Oval Office in Washington.

Other companies, including Georgia-based Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola, have blamed the law they say is designed to make voting difficult for people, especially voters.

“Major League Baseball basically supports the voting rights of all Americans and opposes restrictions on ballot boxes,” he said. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred “Fair access to voting continues to support our game unwaveringly,” he added.

In a statement released Saturday night, Mr. Trump assassinated “WOKE CANCEL CULTURE” and called for boycotts of opponents such as MLB, Delta and Coke. “Don’t go back to their product until they forgive,” Trump said.

After making false claims about last year’s elections, Mr. Trump concluded the message by saying, “We will not be a socialist country. Happy Easter!”

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Trump, still banned by Twitter and other social media, issued a statement through his Save America Political Action Committee.

Former Republican and now prominent Trump critic Joe Walsh said the former president was “screaming for relevance,” but his message could resonate with most voters. Is high.

“The problem isn’t Trump,” Walsh said. “It’s his hold on Republican voters. That’s the problem.”

This article was originally published in USA TODAY: “Crazy:” Donald Trump greets Easter by attacking rivals